shortening allen pins

Hi everyone, I was wondering if there is a practical way to shorten allen pedal pins, or is there a place where you can buy little ones?

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What kind of allen pins? I have two types in two sizes. I never use the short ones if you want them.

Grind some rails. Works a charm.

that tears them out.

Ntappin, I need the kind that fit in the Man of war/ 24 butterfly type of pedal.

Alternative to grinding

Buy some shorter ones. Travers Tools, Enco, McMaster-Carr, Graingers might have what your looking form A well stocked Ace might. Take one of your peddles down to Ace take out one of the pins use thier stocks of “normal” screws to see what size your pins are (diameter and metric or english) then order from one of the above companies. Maybe??

Ah, those are set screws, available anywhere that sells machine screws usually.

I have those exact pedals. for me they came with two sizes of pins. I used the long ones, if you want the short ones I will send them to you, probably for free unless it costs alot for some wierd reason.


yeah that would be awesome if you could send them to me.

I’ll PM you my adress and stuff…

will that fit on a 31.8 KH frame?

(1 1/8) inch = 28.57500 millimeters

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he deleted it.

yay, i realized there was such a thing as a unit converter :slight_smile: