Short Webvid 1

Hey everybody, here’s a little video I made today.

It’s was mostly just to fool around and learn how to use final cut, and to actually edit something shot with my new camera.

Since my knee is still being not-very-good, I probably won’t make a long video for a while, but you guys might be seeing a few more of these.


wow man, nice camera and editing. quality is outstanding. too bad your knee is sore i reckon you would make an awesome longer video :smiley: nice fakie 270 btw.

the beginning is really cool but i also like the rest of the vid :slight_smile:
the camera seems perfect!

Thanks everybody!

To anybody that downloads it, it will come out as amazingly good quality. When I play it on my computer the window size actually gets smaller when I tell it to go fullscreen, it’s awesome.

How much was your camera??
And what did you do really to edit it

The camera itself was $630. Each 16gb SDHC card I got for it was I think $70, and then the extra battery I got was somewhere around $100.

I used Final Cut Express to edit it.

What did you do besides cut and place the clips and add music

:)I thought that was pretty cool.

I slowed down the first clip to something like 40% speed and added a long cross dissolve. The second transition is an additive dissolve (I think?), and the rest are all cross dissolves. The end is just a really long dip to black.

Thanks dude!

I think that I’ll make another one of these next week, I’m up for doing anything, so if any of you guys want me to make a certain style video I’m happy to oblige.

sweeet… i need an HD camera…
dude you have a huge back yard.

oow oow, do a street video :smiley: