short vids of me

hey everyone
check out some of my short vids of my unicycling
mine start at the 5 stair rolling hop
make sure to check out the jump mount to ww its insanely long
hope u like em

the link is attached to my name accidentally

dude, those videos are sizck! the ww 1 is tight

Thats pretty cool, I like the backwards down the 5 set. Why do you have tennis balls in your wheel?

Because he wants it, don’t get all cheeky Spencer :wink:

Lots of BMX riders put tennis balls around their spokes…shrug I dunno if it actually does something…it looks kinda cool though.

haha, the tenis balls are sick, did u steal those from prospect?
i remember filming those, it was heka hot and we took pictures of water. the vids are czool! we should take more wen skool starts

Yo, I liked the vids, very impressive. I really liked the part with amanda. Haha. It’s so hot seeing female riders. If any of you have msn mess. talk to me. Awesome vid, keep riding, and keep filming. Laters
-Shaun Johanneson