short video

check it out… sorry about the words on the screen
umm this was in jan & feb.
i was just experimenting w/ the movie maker and whatnot, then thought that you guys might want to see

Convert Movie??? Care to explain the meaning behind your title?

Riding was good though.

yea that wass hott. and i think theres some good editing programs out there that are free if you need one. anyways yea i liked the begginning stuff with the stairs man, good job.

i tried to find some of the editing programs but couldn’t find a good one that did .MOV files :frowning:
I have a program that works if its the only thing running :frowning:

thats the watermark that the editing program left :thinking:

that might help you

i have that … i just want a program that will deal w/ .mov files so that i don’t have to mess w/ it