short video

ohh that was sweet;) i´ve also watched old videos from you! nice handrail in one of it!!

keep up the nice old school style;)

i really like the hand/foot plant over the bench it could be used for awesome gaps :roll_eyes:

Nice video. I really like your oldskool style and the feel in the video. You’re also really good at using the spots you have. :slight_smile:

What do you call the plant over the bench? Dibblesplant?

awesome style man :slight_smile: no need for any flip/unispin tricks that was siick!

Yeah… agree… a nice refreshing change :slight_smile: The hand/foot plant over the bench really made me smile, wasn’t expecting that.

You’ve done better :stuck_out_tongue:

Last clip was nice tho. The rest was filler.

nice to see youre still alive and kickin buddy.

sweet plant!

I really enjoyed that, the whole video felt super vintage. Nice riding.

Can’t believe everyone’s lovin the plant… They look somewhat good and stuff but they’re pretty easy.

if they look good and are easy, then why is this the first time ive seen one?

once again man, sick handplant. Show me where you can take it!

Requires a creative mind :stuck_out_tongue: that’s why.

Too many people that focus on 1080s and quads lol. (yes, I’m jeeeeeelous)

There are some pretty sweet lines in there, that reminding of this old Mike Vallely skateboarding clip that I just watched a few minutes ago.

I also dig the Big Star. Not too many people know about that band, and they should!


yea i made the video so i could use that song

Sick man, love your style.