Short Video

Hey I took some old clips [6 months-ish] and made a small video. It is nothing new as far as tricks, but thats because I don’t ride much. I just felt like editing something. : ]


That was really awesome.

I loved the music, what was it?

wow… i like it but you didn’t do the end right… it just stops… :slight_smile: but it’s ql

That was decent, but I think it was lacking in comparison to your other vids. For the time of the vid the intro was a bit long, and there was more reversing effects than riding. Don’t get me wrong, your a MUCH better rider than I am, but I think your other vids were much better. But thats just MO.

Sick vid jonny, as always!

Keep riding.


Ditto, Great riding awesome song. Too short! :smiley:

Like your decal!

Thanks Miles. : ]

The music is this girl named Emily. She makes all her own music using nothing but the “garageband” application on a mac; which is pretty cool!

I edited at 3:30 A.M., so yeah it was definitely imperfect.

I totally agree with you man; I was struggling for content so fillers of standing and this and that had to make an appearance. I don’t know if I’m a much better rider than you though, I just looked at your youtube, you seem like you’re going to be one of those “big street” guys if you keep doing that type of stuff. : ] Plus I could never do a 6 foot static gap. Respect. : ]

Thanks man! : ]

I’m on my way right now! ; ]

Thanks man! <3

A nice showcase of skillz. I’m still envious over your butter smooth one foot coasts.

Keep it up!

What editing program do you use, it was really smooth when it rewinds. Great video.

seriously??!! Thats the most encouraging comment I’ve ever had! You have such amazing street/flat tricks, I’ve always been jealous of your stuff!!
Thanks and Respect. : ]

Thanks dude; I’m jealous of your insane hop height so I guess that makes us even. : ]

I use the one that came with my computer, which is a mac. I think its called iMovie. I like it. : ]

For sure. Hey, I see you live in upstate NY, are you anywhere near Syracuse? I’ll be there next month. : ]

Thanks for the vid Jonny. Not my favorite of yours, but I can tell that you get that “I need to make a vid” feeling and do it. I love that. Shows your love for the sport and willingness to add to the communities content.

Keep me up to date about this… It might be a bit far for me, but you never know.

Thats like 3 hrs from my house and with work, working on getting my license, and college entrance tests I’m really busy! If I could drive, and once iIcan, it’ll be easier, but yeah im like really crammed:o . If you come to the Kingston/Rhinebeck are, I’d be in!

Thanks man. : ]

I’ll also be in NYC, but only for 2 days so I don’t know if thats better for you. And I talked to my mom earlier and we aren’t going to be in Syracuse, we will be slightly outside of it in Rochester. Is Rochester or NYC any closer to you?

Yeah I’ll let you know if I can come up that way if it’s close enough to where I’ll be. Its fun riding with other people.

Ohhh man…

Me and Sam want to ride together in NYC next month, but its all about when we can… that would be awesome if you could come too.

Do you guys know any dates yet, b/c I have to talk to my boss to get days off for my road test and other stuff, so maybe I could find out another day to get off and come ride.

no dates yet.

We should really organize this before we just jump into it. I’ll PM sam when i get a chance.

no dates yet.

We should really organize this before we just jump into it. I’ll PM sam when i get a chance.

For sure man; keep me updated. : ]

Cool jonny! it was funny to see me in the background of a lot of your clips