Short Video - Michael Grim/Jonny Peacock

I made this video with my friend Mike, and a few other people too. My parts aren’t anything great, but I like his clips a lot, so give it a look. :slight_smile:

Great vid!

Mike Grim got good. I remember in one vid a few months ago he just learned 1spins. Sweet.

You guys either got a lot better or weren’t doing anything when I was their, great video!

the riding was great, the music was unbearable.

Cool. Clubs looking great. (excluding the amo kid).

I want a club :’(

is it me or do they do some of the funniest lookin flips?

still good

Jonny, You make everything look so simple, so easy. That was a very fun video, I Love your style. Keep it Clean, Dont be mean.

Cheers, W.


Thanks guys.

By the way, (and I should probably post this elsewhere but I don’t care) I’m selling my freestyle uni and my bc wheel. If you want either, or both, pm me. I’ll give you an awesome price. The freestyle uni cost around 300+, but I’ll sell it for like 50 to 100. The bc wheel i’ll sell for like 20. just let me know if you’re interested.

Edit: The freestyle uni is missing a pedal in the picture, but it’s because I still need to put the other new pedal on it. The cranks aren’t stripped or anything, and everything is like in great shape. I’ve ridden it probablyonly 10 to 15 times all together.

I thought the flips were pretty clean…

Jonny that was some intense editing… Your flips are getting really consistant i like the cranklip, bacflip crankflip clip. Keep up the riding. We need to ride soon.