Short Video from Wednesday - Mary

a short video from wednesday :slight_smile:
i hope you enjoy it!

Mary :slight_smile:

Nice riding, everything was really clean!

sauber sag ich!Freut mich mal wieder an Film von Dir zu sehen!

such a good video really nice edit and the riding was so clean and steeezzy!!! :smiley:
cool song too whats the name?

I really, really enjoyed that. the song was great and the riding was Nice! keep making videos! :smiley:

Thaanks :wink: @ all :smiley:

Song: Macklemore - Otherside

:open_mouth: Mary I love your style! Your combos have gotten so dope, I love it! Keep riding :smiley:

I wish I could do that!

Just looked like lots of rolling wrap to inside roll to me :p.

But then again, that’s how all the best flatlanders start out isn’t it :stuck_out_tongue:

I liked the inflip, its one of my fave flip tricks.