short vid

Heyyyyyy kidzzzzzz… sooooo yeaaaaaa… ummm…
I made a vid the other day containing a few clips from a month ago when I started practicing again and one clip from yesterday. It’s not great but it’s all good. I’m surprised any of the shots turned out well due to the fact that my saddle is broken, my rim is bent and cracked and I’m filming with a crappy digi camera with a screen that dosn’t work… oh well… Enjoy.
Peace <3

yur hair looks like wings when you jump off the pallets:p

cool unispin-gaps


keaton miller style!

Thank you. Mr. goat man.

Nice vid,
sick hair lol

gezz… jackie you still do some of the ballziest stuff i have ever seen

next week is going to rock

Real nice. That rolling 3spin off the pallets was hella stylish/sick.

Thanks guys.
I just realized that everything in the vid is either a 1 or 3spin. I’ll try to throw a little more variety into my next one, Lol.

Haha, Pele, I’ve gotten a lot better at tricks from half a rev of run-up since we hit Portland. :stuck_out_tongue:
The consequence of only having pallets to ride on, is that my trick-drops, with over a rev of run-up, suck horridly. :stuck_out_tongue: