Short uni vid

Hey everyone. Here’s a short vid Jonny made for me today.

hope you guys enjoy. Thanks Jonny!

Nice I like the gliding also do you have any tips for me on how to crankflip. I have trouble with the actual spin or kick.

Very cool, I liked it. Good luck on the doubleflip.

that’s ace man- nice work

any tips?

great video!

nice video it was a little short but you said it was going to be so :thinking:
I can’t wait till you make some more videos.

Evan :slight_smile:

nice man :smiley:

Pull up on the seat really hard, that helps me a lot. Shaun mentioned it in his doubleflip tutorial. For me the main difference between a single and double flip is the amount I pull up on the seat, also kick the pedal down as you pull up on the seat, it flips really easily that way.

There was something on the lens, towards the right side of the screen. It was kind of blurring everything, other than that cool video.