short uni vid

Heres a short video I made of some of me unicycling
I havnt been able to post my bc wheeling becase Im using it for some other stuff, but its much better;)

Crazy stuff Bryan. You are getting so good. :astonished: I really liked that footplant crankflip off the handrail.

Nice work Brian.
I think you get the gong for one of the smoothest rolling 360 stair set i’ve seen.

very nice. for the grinds were you just hitting the kink or grinding the rail and the kink?

that was…AWESOME!!! it motivated me to learn more stuff, nice vid!!!

Very impressive!

I’d like to see some more BC wheeling :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep up the good work.


niiiice. That handrail plant was cool, so was the riding the rail. Nice vid, but it was too short!

you are my hero:p

that was nice.

I hit before the kink on all of them but that little 3 with a black rail


you seem taller than in some of your other videos

crankflip footplants are weird… they look cool though. I’m so jealous of you 360 down the 5 set :roll_eyes:

Dang, your making me want to ride!!

I don’t think there is a single grindable rail in my town or the larger neighboring town…

That’s good and all, but I think you need a helmet that fits. :slight_smile:

props on the rails!!

Sweet bryan you just keep getting better, I’m trying to get my skills up to you lol:)

Nice Bryan… Sucks that I’m not around to come riding. Once more this fall we’ll have to ride for sure. Columbus Day weekend perhaps.

Excellent 360, great riding, I want to see more BC, but I’m willing to wait until your ‘other stuff’ is good to go. Keep it up man.


really smooth, bryan…

can’t wait for ‘other stuff’

keep it up,