short uni article in Friday Wall Street Journal

In the weekend section of today’s Journal, there is a short unicycle article, quoting (among others) John Foss & John Drummond.


Tom Daniels sent me a link to it. Let’s see if this TinyUrl works:

I love when the Wall Street Journal picks up on unicycling. It not only gives us legitemacy, it makes us seem like money as well!

That’s pretty sweet. Those sales figures are nice. It seems weird that Infinite Illusions sold more unicycles that, although that’s probably just out of the U.S. store. Nice article, thanks for sharing.

Also, it says that has sold 700 mountain unicycles in the last year, where it says II has sold 2,100 unicycles. So Drummond probably sold more.

maybe II stands for “inflated illusions”?? actually 2100, assuming global sales, may well be accurate, eh?