Short Trials Vid

Just a normal trials session on a normal trials uni… :roll_eyes:



Look harder.

Haha that was so awesome, shame the wheel wasnt up to much. Iv got to get me one of them.

Gaps and skinnies are horrendous on small wheels because the tire is so skinny and there is almost no air in the tire. I had a splined 16" that I gave away. Not worth the money, however fun it may look:D .

5 stars

you should’ve tried using a monty 16x2.4 tire.

Terrible lol.

Omg Nice!!

So funny and skillful on 12"!:slight_smile: I’m thinking of getting a 12" though I cant find a good one that has a tall seat post :frowning:
cheers uni98:D



one step closer to pogo trials

Haha cool!:smiley:

I must be going blind:( :thinking:

If you tab through the page it’ll select all the links one at a time and then you should find it…

See it would be funny if it were you and a friend, but then you realize it was just you…in your backyard…making funny faces into a camera…by yourself.

But I did enjoy it!

sorry bout the spokes:(

Ha Ha! What if I like making funny faces? :roll_eyes:

Thanks for all the comments guys. This vid seems to have caused a bit of a stir, dunno why though :thinking:


Because you were in it mabey? :wink: