[Short] The Office + Bonus

Yes. Yes, indeed.

Having some trouble uploading this to UTV… :thinking:

Enjoy the video, and feel free to drop a comment.
Just leave the comment. Just do it.

-Eli Brill


Awesome skills dude
was that a sej?
and was that a 540-540? or a 540-720? or what? i couldnt see :stuck_out_tongue:

sej?? i i haven seen any flips in this video xD and i thinkt it was 540-540.
nice sidecoast and awesome 900 :wink:

Pats 2nd nine was so clean, and the five to five gave me a chubby

nice vid!!
sick tricks :slight_smile:
and the bonus made me laught…
‘Is that ugly’ ^^
and the end… haha :stuck_out_tongue:

awesome vid. your editing is getting a lot better (:
clean tricks like everytime:p
pat’s 9spins look so easy ;D

haha yeah i said that because i heard seat forward nines look ugly :stuck_out_tongue:

They look very ugly. :stuck_out_tongue: So sick though.
Really liked that first long combo.

Very funny. Made me feel better about today. Pat’s laugh when he hit the ground was good.

Awesome comboline in the beginning. And you editing definitly is getting better.

if you pause at 1:28 on youtube, pat looks like a dwarf :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, Nice video. :slight_smile:

Indeed, that’s what I did before I read the comment and I even took a screenshot because it’s too funny.


Hahaha that is funny :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the comments everyone. Glad you enjoy the video. I’m finally starting to figure out Sony Vegas :smiley:

Seat forward looks so much better then seat back unless you start seat backwards and land seat in.

Edit: Good to see Dan riding again

Ohhhhhhh funny

Dan never stopped riding


Now on UTV :slight_smile:

very cool vid
i just love your sidecoast :smiley:

doods sick video. NAUCC 2010! We ride again! lol