short street vid

A friend of mine edited some footage of me and put it on his website, here’s a link, it’s the one called Anthony (it takes a while to download)

I love it. I like the music choice whats the bands name again

… it’s in the credits.

Nice video, thats a pretty sweet gap. It looks like it would be cool to rolling hop onto the dumpster, or use it in some way in the line.

P.S. Weezer

OMG!! Where can I get a high res. version of the flatland2004??
I must have.

On the peterpan vid, the music is “I’ve got 5 on it” by Luniz (pronounced Loonees).
Dude takes credit for the “music” and then says “unknown” All up in the Koolaid and don’t even know the flavor! :frowning:

i don’t know where to get a high res version of the flatland, and you’ll have to him about the music, i don’t have much to do with the site, or editting of videos,

I wanted to do alot more stuff on that gap but we got kicked off right after i landed it the first time.

Flatland '04

Those guys suck man:D
Ha Ha, seriously they rock.
Looking forward to seeing some o that at the TOQUE Games.

thats hott

That flatland stuff!

I’ve never seen that before, that’s really insane!

My jaw dropped to the floor while watching those guys

A little trivia about the Weezer song. The Windows 95 CD includes the music video for that song as an extra on the CD. The video is filmed on the set (or a look alike set) of Happy Days and includes some of the Happy Days cast.

The video compression quality isn’t impressive by today’s standards. But back then it was really neat. My poor little 386 and a 2x CD drive would struggle to play the video.

Flatland BMX is amazing. I’ve always thought it would be neat to have a flatland BMX demo at a unicycling convention. Maybe have a flatland rider in the public show. It’s amazing stuff and unicyclists can appreciate the skills and the time it takes to learn riding skills like that.

sweet jesus!

I thought “wow… japanese freestyle is like ice skationg on a unicycle!”

now I see people doing it on a bike, and it’s MORE crazy!

I can imagine doing that on a uni, but not on a bike. it would be like a BC wheel with more handles, I think.

That was impressive. All the vids. But the Peter Pan one had 18 secs of riding, and like 32 secs of intro and credits. It needs more substance.

I just saw the most amazing vid, some one can start a JC vid if they like but I thought it could fit here too. It isn’t flatland but its nuts.

Prepare yourself. There’s like a quadruple kink grind.


I know one of the guys who is going to be in the third apsire vid, i don’t know if he’s a featured rider but i do know that he’ll be in it at least a little,

the aspire trailer was truly sick, especially the 540 off of the roof where he bites it.

Re: short street vid

On Fri, 25 Feb 2005 20:38:03 -0600, “Fuego” wrote:

>I can imagine doing that on a uni, but not on a bike. it would be like a
>BC wheel with more handles, I think.

Agreed. Yeah I watched 2004flatlandworlds (is that the one you
referred to?) and, it being my first REAL flatland bike sighting, I
was totally amazed at what these guys can pull of.

Back on topic, General Dibbles’ vid is very good too.

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