Short spring vid

The road got dry on wednesday, so I went out riding.
Filmed some shots too, and here’s the result:


Music was particularly nice, and of course the outstanding 720s…

Aah man I hate you. Thats the music that I was going to use, I have already started editing my clips with it :angry: I dont know if I will use it now, it took me ages to find though.

I havnt watched the vid yet, just heard the music.

awesome vid. the fifth was tight.

awesome! fifth and sevenspin were cool

Nice sketchy fifth but cool sevenspin.

Great vid Fred! :smiley: Easy, chill feeling with the music.

Cool vid. and good song choice

That 540-540 was nice. I’m so terrible at doing two u-spins in a row…

fifthflip was nice too. my goal is to learn those this spring break. Well… out-fifthflips for me…

it was ok. i found it hard to keep interested because it was just flips and spins on flat, but i suppose thats all you can do at the moment. some of that stuff looked pretty difficult though.

you’re right :wink:

I agree with Reef. But yes, sometimes all I have is flat. But you have to do it on the road?.. sheeesh.

Clean fifth. I like.

I don’t have to… But it’s the best place to film.
And cars aren’t passing very often… :stuck_out_tongue:

cool video man,

good on you for riding in snow!:wink:

Yeah, looks like a small town. Just like mine. Sept we have gravel roads :stuck_out_tongue:

Their being tar sealed in 2010. Can’t wait haha.

I like it!! conratulations! the song and the 54o-54o are cools!! :wink:

pd. What program did you use? (The edit’s so nice too)

I use vegas