[Short] Sketchy Hick Flips


Well I started to land hick flips this week, but they still very sketchy!.. After watching my videos today I saw that I need to rotate the uni quickly than I’m rotating…

I’m posting because I want some tips, to land cleaner hick flips!

Here is the link:
You Tube

Thanks, Pedro!

Sweet, fast improvement.

You do what a lot of people do. Insted of adjusting your hands once you land, try doing it in mid air insted of keeping your hands in the same position from start to finish.

Try pedal a bit faster and flip less. If its toooo snappy it can be hard to control.

But yeah, move your hands in a good position to land the hick in mid air, practice your 180spins this way. Do the same for sex changes once you get them.


I can do 180 unispins switching my hand in the air… But when I Hick, I think that I use the wrong hand to take the uni off the ground!..

Tomorrow I will try to land then again, with the better hand position!

I’m pretty close to sex changes (seat in to seat out), I don’t know the name… You do this trick in the video “Team H Presents” after one grind!


All sex changes have the same name. Good luck :smiley:

maybe he mean outflip?

So then a hick flip is a crank flip and 180 unispin together?

Yes, it is!

No… I’m prety close to outflips too, but i’m closer to sex changes (SI to SIF)… Just a body varial with a crank flip…

Nice video brother

aee mlkk mais uns dias ja ta na base em, to achando melhor nem fica vendo os videos pq to na secaa pra anda e tenho que manda alinha o aro -.-
abrss eh nozes

If you can get that hick clean, it will be one of the sexiest hicks i’ve seen in a while. The aggresion that goes into the flip makes it look so sick.

Keep at it.

good job, I sorta landed a zero plant today, but my motion is far from fluid

after seen this topic I have go practice my hickflip to learn what u just tell :smiley: I have it :slight_smile:


So Pedro, any improvements?

Yeah :smiley:

I landed two with the correct hand position… REALLY easier to control the uni…

I’m trying to do it all rolling… But it’s still hard to land it in the pedals.

I can ride too much because UNICON is closer and I have a lot of things to do!

Thanks for all the tips! You really helped!

PS: I almost landed a trey with this hand position!