short shorts problem

whenever i ride my shorts always go up way near my crotch and its really annoying and ive seen other people do ride and this doesn’t happen for them, what is my problem, please help.
thanks to anyone who responds

depends what kind of shorts you wear…if you wear running shorts or something, then they’re kinda baggy already, and that happens. I wear khakis when I ride, and it doesn’t happen.

I wear canvas shorts and they crawl up a little bit but not so much that it’s embarrassing

I think, to begin with, if the crotch of your pants is pretty low normally, its gonna hike up pretty high in the seat.

I wear pretty long shorts when i ride; longer than i normally would were i not riding. When im on the uni, they hike up a little and look like normal length shorts.

oh and dont forget to wear bike shorts underneath! :slight_smile:

I’ve found that it also help if you get some of the cargo pants that have an elastic band in them so that if you stand up while riding they go to their “normal position.” So far I’ve only seen them at target.

Dont care about that … its sexy so all the girls (or the boys if you are gay) will come to you :wink:

It’s because you’re wearing shorts iwth a low crotch, or you’re wearing shorts with the right level crtch but wearign them too low on your waist. Wear shorts that actually fit you and you shouldn’t ahve a problem

I had this same problem!

I tried looking for skate shorts as some of them have a long leg past the crotch area, but I couldn’t find anything, and they were pretty expensive for what I was getting.

Long story short: The answer is a pair of Alpinestars cargoish pants. They were $17 online when I was buying my leg armor from the same site so I added them with the intention of cutting them up when I got them. They arrived and I took scissors to them and brought the leg up a length a few inches below the knee. This length lets me sit on the uni and the leg will putt up to just over my knee. Perfect! They shrunk a little after a few washes, so keep in mind that you can always cut more off.

Long story shorter: Get a pair of pants and cut off part of the leg. p.s. jeans are hot, use something else.

dose aneyone use mountain bike style shorts

I do they work pretty well, I still get quite a bit of chafing though

Cycle shorts… note the first word. There is a reason they are called cycle shorts. They are designed for use when cycleing. I would never consider any other unless I wore cycle shorts below them.


I have finally found that wearing a pair of cycling shorts or compression shorts under a cheap pair of nylon sport shorts from a local major discount department store eliminates ALL chafing. The compression shorts are very similar to cycling shorts but do not have the padding and they are MUCH cheaper. All rubbing (especially when you get real sweaty) takes place between the nylon/spandex under garment and the nylon outer garment.