Short muni video: 6.2MB, 2min30sec...

I made another short movie today. I spent about an hour riding at a spot some of you may remember from an old trials movie and also my big 8 minute movie. I had previously tried up-hill trials lines here with very little success…but it’s a blast for loose rock, technical downhill muni.

The one thing I learned today is that for this sort of riding you really do have to be a lot less precious about the lines you’ve chosen and ready to think up new ones quickly…that and it’s really fun. :slight_smile: My new 160mm cranks are perfect!

It’s such a beautiful spot. I filmed a clip at the start of me riding by the camera…I was going to re-do it after the ride with a really nice golden sunset reflecting off the lake, but I ran out of batteries. The area is not very developed and I’d love to buy land there some day.

Here’s the movie (6.2MB, 2min30sec, wmv):

The soundtrack is “Eh Amigos” by Every Man and His Llama, a fantastic local band.



Another great video Andrew.

Great riding down the rocks, it looks imposable to me.

I had to turn the sound off though, not my taste in music I’m afraid. (Not a criticism, just a comment)


Thanks. :slight_smile: What sort of music do you like? I was going to put either nothing, or some jazz in there but I was in a rush and didn’t want to go searching for appropriate jazz songs.

I have a question about the editing…did people realise that the clips that followed each other without a fade between them were from the same extended line down the hill?


Here’s another few clips I found lying around that I wanted to put together. A short morning’s muni ride with Nathan (who will be building my custom frame).

3MB, 55sec, wmv:



That was great riding, looked very difficult.
I really liked the music in the first one.

Mate, those natural sound effects are hilarious. Surprized no bones were showing. That tree hopping looks sketchy.


I find Jazz, or Jazzy styles of music hard to listen to.

It is hard knowing what would be best, but you don’t want the music to distract from the video. Something a bit more subtle.


Mate, those natural sound effects are hilarious. Surprized no bones were showing.He’s always hurting himself…it’s funny. Just a couple of weeks ago he ripped off his big toe-nail kicking his muni in a temper tantrum. :slight_smile: Served him right!

I think I’ve decided to always go no music in these short videos. I think music, particularly jazz-orientated stuff (but other styles as well), can be great in movies but only when the clips and audio track are edited together nicely.

So no more music until I compile all this together into a muni movie. I’ve decided to do a muni-only movie because there aren’t enough of them.


That was a very impressive video, like always…i really enjoyed the music, my step-dad also watched becuase he was walking by, and he thought it was insane, so i then showed him your big movie, which he was even more impressed. good riding…


Thanks Chase. I’m going to make another big movie…but this time all muni. That is, when I’ve got a fair bit more, and better material to work with.


good job with the vid andrew

I always love watching your movies. These 2 were very good. I especially liked the log riding done by you in the second one. That looks hard!


Good move Andrew, I look forward to your big Muni movie, these online videos are great, keep them coming, they are really inspiring.


Andrew…if you ever want to come to california, you are totally welcome to stay at my house. i’m sure you’d love some of the terrian around here. how about cal-muni weekend this year?


Re: Short muni video: 6.2MB, 2min30sec…

As we have grown used to, fabulous riding by Andrew. You navigate
those loose rocks quite surely! In the smaller film, what’s with the
close-up of the crown, some frame-builder’s issue? And immediately
after that, when you gap from a log to roots, and then to a smaller
log, it looks as if it was filmed with several cameras but I presume
that you just did it several times.

Oh and I, for one, liked the music.

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Thanks a lot for the kind offer. I do plan on attempting to save up the money for the California Muni Weekend, but it really looks doubtful. I love the treehouse, looks like a fantastic place to live. (I’m studying architecture)

Thanks. The close-up of the crown shows that all of Nathan’s weight on the seat pushed the seatpost down all the way so that it ended up compressing the tyre! A rather painful landing. You’re right, that log line was with only one camera. The second change of angle in the clip was to cut out some boring hopping on the spot.

Maybe with every new video I make I’ll just suggest a few good songs for people to listen to but not put them in the movie. :wink:


Hi Andrew, i Have been busy and not been able to justify dl’ing videos for quite some time.

Was I ever happy that the first video I dl’d was yours. You are not only able to do very cool lines, but you seem to be able to place the camera at a great angle to show the steepness of the terrain you are riding on. An angle that does not usually depict the actual steepness of the featured slope. (you should really get a second filmer!)

So either you have a great knack for camera angles, or the trails you are riding on are much steeper that how they are portrayed in your clips.

I have enjoyed watching your skills progress from ‘my custom muni’…to stuff I couldn’t picture attempting!

You are very talented

Thanks a lot Brian. I plan to go back and re-film all these bits and pieces plus many more for a big chunk of muni in my segment of the movie…with a cameraman. :slight_smile: The fantastic thing about this loose rock spot is that it’s literally about 200-300m wide so there are unlimited different lines to try.

Hahaha, I remember ‘my custom muni’. :slight_smile: