short muni vid

yesterday we did a little muni ride, with some uphill… unfortunately my friends brake broke, so we couldn’t do the second downhill (to hard without brakes, at least for us, 1300hm down :astonished: )…but it it was still a great ride:

…also a short one from our saturdays training (the end ist funny…)…:

Nice video. People here make far too few muni video’s. From where are you?

I’m a muni rider from Belgium.

wow, im really jealous that place looked gorgeous!

…thanks for the comments i’m from liechtenstein, a very small country 160km2 :astonished: …but some nice downhills, also it’s close to the swiss alps, where this movie is from… (most of the rim it’s marc riding, i’m the one with the red shirt)

…here the second link again from our training, the first one didn’t work:

here a little longer muni-vid of our group, more kind of a documentary, but some nice things in there: marc’s downhill coasting with brake (or how you call that?), speed muniing (schlumpf) and a little turtle drop :wink:

liechtenstein was an artist, no?

I would watch your video but youtube is blocked in my school :frowning: , although after seing that video of your trials I can imagine it may be another good video from you.