Short MUni ride in Seattle

We had a short MUni ride in Seattle today with seven riders. John Childs, Tyler Cox, Steve DeKoekkoek, Greg Harper, George Pendergast, Pete Perron, and Jeff Sloan showed up for a few hours of trails, roots, rocks, and stunts. We started off with the distribution of a UDC order Pete placed for several of us. This saves shipping costs and Pete was kind enought to organize the order.

At one point in the trail there was a steep up and down with a berm jump at the ends for bicycles. Pete and Tyler both layed down behind the berm on one side as a bicyclist consented to soar over them. All riding shorts remained dry for the startling experience. For some reason the bicyclist would not reciprocate when he saw our inability to soar quite as high or far as he.

Tyler proved again to be a tough guy spraining his ankle toward the end of the ride and whining no more than any of the rest of us would. I was impressed with his sense of humor because he posted the group photo that he carefully set up with his camera timer. I ruined it for him by pushing him down right when the shutter opened, blurring him out of the shot, For some reason he wouldn’t stand in front of me for the second shot. Tyler’s photos are here. Steve and Jeff took a few photos and videos, also, and hopefully they will provide links to them.

Tyler also found out that protective gear is useful for this type of ride. He fell hard in some playground equipment by the parking lot right in front of his dad. Some 661 arm pads would have been helpful there. He had legs and a helmet but no gloves or arms. I think it was Tyler’s first group MUni ride and he may be hooked.

It was nice seeing JC again. Haven’t seen him since he moved. He’s still better than me. That part still sucks.

Hey man, looks like a lot of fun, maybe one i get better with muni and get a new unicycle ill be able to come with ya, seeing how we live about 6 hours away from each other lol

You’re always welcome. We have spare MUnis of different styles and sizes to loan. See if James Potter (Michael Atkinson) can carpool with you. He’s somewhere in Idaho I believe might be close to Spokane.

Nice photos.

What’s with all the green leaves and grass? Where’s all the snow?

Yea, I losted them arms in 'Nam. Almost got some genitalia shot off, but I gone dun prevented that thar with my 661 “Cup” Guard.

its kinda close to Spokane, about an hour away. it’d be fun to come ride with you guys.

My pics are here. after three failed tries to upload. :angry:

Got to get to work, post ride comments later.

That looks like a total blast. And that forest terrain is gorgeous. Gotta love illustrated Muni trip reports! Keep 'em coming.


You wouldn’t need a new unicycle to push Tyler down.

yea you think i could come to because i live right across form jerrick(we are neighbors…)


ok sorry bout my last post i mise well just ask you i live across form jerrick and he was telling me about it and i was wondering if i could come too?

On THIS pic, you said I bailed. I actually landed that, it just doesn’t look like it. And on the one where I fell and hurt my ankle, well I decided to bail just beacuse I was too good for that log. C’mon people, what do you think I am - a human or something? :wink:

I’ll come too, after I get my DX. I’m only 2203.13 miles away.

yeah, lets have a Pacific Northwest MUni Weekend!!

Yeah, you shoud all come to Montana!

looked like a very fun ride

id love to come i dont have a muini but i do have 2 uni’s
i have a old torker unistar lx 20 inch and a torker 5 fotter

oooooooooooooooo muni-ing on a gerif sooooooooooo fun:D

hey um where exactly is that place in the pic im looking for place to go and ride but i dont no any place kool :thinking:

hmm did it work

im trying to change my name form dragonking1990

I actually don’t have a muni either…I have a 20" trials, and a Coker. and a BC wheel…