Short Muni Movie: 6.5MB, 1min30sec...

I’ll be brief…this is another short muni movie of me getting used to my lovely new 160mm cranks.

Details are: 6.5MB, 1min30sec, wmv format, filmed on three trails.



Thats some good riding. You need to get somebody to ride with so they can film you.


Cool. Did you line up the crank position for the jumps over the log steps at the end or did you just wing it and take it at the pedal position that just happened?

Lined them up since I had to stop to set up the camera anyway, but when I’m not filming I’ll wing it.


Smooth jumps.

How about a bit of music the next time?


I considered it, but I ended up selfishly leaving it out so that I had the sound effects isolated in case i want to take clips from this video and turn them into another, bigger one. Like what I did for my 8 minute movie. That way I was able to delete the individual, unedited clips.


Great, as always, Andrew! The tree line was real cool. Nice jumps! Nice showing steepness with the filming! You got that down.

Coincedentally i just watched your 8 min movie again last night for the bizzillionth time. :smiley:

I like it when the only sound you hear is the tire hitting the ground, oddly peaceful.

Nice work connecting the rolling with hopping and keeping the momentum going. That’s where advanced Muni riding starts. Great air as well.


Total Ditto, Andrew.

Andrew, did you ever go to the Duro, or are you still riding the Gazz?

Hey I recognise those steps and the rock drop-off at the start of the vid! The steps sure are tricky because they’re really steep and there are so many of them, eh?

Using the wide screen format and fisheye lens does a great job of capturing how steep the terrain actually is. Compared to the footage we shot on those trails (Jellybean and No 9) back in '03 this is waaaay better. Nice to see your film technique (as well as your riding) improving!


Great riding andrew, i dont see how you get all that awosme air like that, its just sweet, and i like the no music, becuase for short videos like that, heairng only natural sounds is cool…if anything put some nice jazz in there…


Thanks a lot. A little bit of inside info…that tree line took me 25 minutes to do and even then I didn’t ride all the way along and down the steep skinny bit. I get very stubborn when I can’t do a line. :slight_smile: It gets tiring walking up that steep hill about 30 times! The thing I struggled with was controlling my speed. I haven’t done much downhill log riding at all and using the brake effectively took a long time to get used to.

Wow, I don’t think I’ve watched my movie a bizzillion times yet. :wink: Actually, speaking of stubborn-ness, on one of those rail lines (the bouncy metal one where I ride it then hop to the cylindrical counter-weight) I spent 45 minutes trying it and still didn’t complete the line I wanted to, which was to do what I did and then drop onto the round wooden log and ride that.

Me too…especially in the “Muni and Trials” movie I made here - - where there’s silence just before I stack and hit my head on a rock. :slight_smile:

Are you talking about on the rolling hops or when I was going down the steps earlier on? Because on the steps that was actually me chickening out of just rolling them all the way down and landing with my pedals at wierd orientations (something I really need to work on).

I’m still considering it. I haven’t done that tyre change yet and am still riding with my original Gazz which now has a deep groove in the side of it from rubbing against my frame (I’m constantly riding with an un-even braking action…even when I’m not trying to break. :)). I’m still keen on trying the Duro, but either way I will buy myself a new Gazz in case the rumours are true about them stopping production. Luckily, Gary of says he still has heaps available.

You sure do recognise them (actually I’m impressed). The steps on “Letterbox Drop” are still as fun as ever and further down the trail they get even more rutted out and irregular. I rode the whole thing with Gecko last weekend on our bikes…it was good fun. Funnily enough though, I couldn’t do that steep set at the start on my bike. :slight_smile:

I really do agree that widescreen and wideangle help a lot in filming muni. I’m so glad I’ve made the definite change to filming all my footage in widescreen. I have been trying to highlight the steepness of the trails in the filming techniques and I’m glad some of you think the filming technique has improved.

These 160mm cranks have had a huge effect of my riding and confidence…I love 'em!

Thanks Chase, good to see another jazz fan out there. :slight_smile: I’m going to compile all these clips into another long movie like my 8 minute movie in a few months and when I do there will be plenty of jazz.

As for the rolling hops, I had a thought about my technique a while ago when out on the trail. I think I’ll make a little video tutorial on this…I’ve noticed that my biggest rolling hops are usually when there’s some sort of small lip or a log to launch from. The first one in this video didn’t and that hop was smaller, the second one did and I used it to get a bigger hop. What I did in this case (since I was stopping to film anyway) was to line up the pedals so that they would reach horizontal just as I hit the lip. That way, instead of just doing a regular hop before the log, I used the log to my advantage to help get that extra height without losing forward momentum. As the wheel hit it, I put a little bit of extra pressure of the front pedal (I think) which helped to bounce the wheel off the little log with extra force. I think another important thing was that I didn’t allow my body to absorb the shock when I hit the lip (as I would if I was simply dropping off it) but instead tensed up a fair bit so that my body was more rigid and the force of the wheel hitting the lip was directed straight into getting more height on the hop.

…at least I think that’s what I did. It’s a very technical analysis of just hopping off a log drop, but I think all that did actually happen. Some of it may have been more subconscious though. :slight_smile:


Re: Short Muni Movie: 6.5MB, 1min30sec…

Nice video Andrew! If there are places where you ride uphill (as
opposed to hiking which with this steepness would probably be the
default), please include them in your vid - a future vid I mean.

It may be some quirk with the wmv encoding or with my WMP, but in some
places the playback seems to reproducibly switch to fast forward for a
fraction of a second, often followed by a slo-mo section of also a
fraction of a second. I happens mostly at places where you would move
faster anyway, like in a drop. That is not intentional, I suppose?

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Thanks, and yes I will include hill climbing if any occurs, and no that was not intentional (very strange too).


good stuff Andrew…

Hey, Andrew–

Go for the Duro, dude. It turns way better than the Gaz and is plenty springy and absorbant as well.

Rolling down those offset railroad ties is freaking hard because your crank orientation always changes. I’m still learning to flow down these kinds of runs without stopping to bus out a few forward hops, which takes all the challege out of it. THat’s a hard skill, for sure.

And your comments about rolling out of forward drops is pretty much our exprience up in Sanata Barbara. The biggest challenge is to be able to spin fast enough while at the same time maintaining some control. Gotta hit the ground spinning like mad and try and decellerate a bit after a few revolutions. Still learning the fine points of that one. At a local college there’s a big cement block beneath which there’s a real steep roll out onto a lawn. We practiced on this for ages, and ate tons of grass in the process.

Ain’t it a fandango?


I am definitely an Andrew Carter fan.

Andrew – do you use your brake all the time, in a trials way? or only on steep downhills to save your legs?

That was sweet when you had the camera focused on the steps really close up, and you came from the side into view. And with no music you can hear your tire rolling and bouncing. Cool effect.:slight_smile: I also love your air off of the steps, instead of just rolling off them.

Thanks guys.

In this movie I only used the brake riding down the log. With the old 145mm cranks I would have had to use it more often, but without I have plenty of braking power.