Short movie: Tooey Forest natural trials (7.2MB, 1min40sec)...

In the last two or three months I had ridden about half an hour of trials unicycling until today. This morning though I went out for a fantstic ride with a bike trials mate of mine. It was great to get back into it and we were riding in a forest I’d never been to with heaps of great lines.

I’ve added a short movie and a photo to my albums.

Tooey Forest movie (7.2MB, 1min40sec, wmv)

Photo -


Thanks again, Andrew. Beautiful area…by the way, do you know if the bird singing in the background of one of your shots was a kookaburra? We don’t have those on this continent, and noticed a song I didn’t recognize. Great riding.

–Bob (unidaddy)

That’s some good riding!

It seems weird as it doesn’t have any music edited in like all other videos…

Nice movie as usual. I kinda liked the lack of music, it was interesting.

Really nice riding, That stillstand was really good.

On a skinny, nonetheless. Kudos!

Re: Short movie: Tooey Forest natural trials (7.2MB, 1min40sec)…

Yet another cool movie! (Collect them all.) The absence of music adds
to the “natural” of the natural trials. Gotta love that stillstand, on
a skinny NO LESS.

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

wouldnt you be grumpy if somone just said you had PMS? - jagur

not that rididng suprised me, kickass as usual. what kinda uni is that?


Doesn’t matter if it’s on a skinny, he’s not going anywhere anyways!

The spacey airy quality of the video made me think I was sitting in a forest. Good riding, that was a good up on that branch where you torqued up the incline. :smiley:

How are your buddies that ride bike trials?

Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what species of bird that one was, nice though hey. They’re quite common here. This is what a Kookaburra sounds like -

The one who was with me when this was filmed is an intermediate bike trials rider I’d say. Some of my other bike trials mates are amazingly good.

Compared to what a lot of the people here on the forums can do the stillstand was nothing. I was happy though because I was getting 10 second ones more consistantly than usual. Maybe the 2 month trials break helped me. :wink: I’ve found that I do my best stillstands during trials lines where there’s often not an opportunity to waste time and energy ‘preparing’ yourself before actually going for it. I’d absolutely love to get my stillstands up to a minute or so. Even short ones like this give you such a good feeling.


As always Andrew, excellent. When I’m riding I find myself trying to perform as well as you can - your videos are inspiration to everyone!


Great flick Andrew…an inspiration !

Andrew, youre an animal! I loved it all.

The photo is SWEET too…

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks a lot, that’s very kind of you all.

Here’s another photo…I’m keen to go back there and gap to the rail in this shot then up onto the post and off. That’d be fun…


so what kind of uni is that?


Thats an awesome movie. The no music was cool cuz u heard all the natural sounds of the uni and the leaves and everything else. The still stand was INSANE. howd u get up there and start that? Anyways nice movie.

Oy yeah, sorry…it’s a KH20 with two big orange Maxxis stickers down the legs. I’m guessing that’s what threw you.

Thanks, I stood on the rail (or whatever you want to call it) and mounted into a little half-revolution ride along it then stopped pedalling and did the stillstand. I wanted to ride further but it was too short for me to end up with my pedals in the orientation that I like.