Short movie - "Rainy Day Muni"...

Yesterday morning I got the call that work was cancelled because of the rain. It made me happy. I spent a good part of the day lying in the hammock; the happiest place I know. I was listing to my “Hammock Music” playlist on the iPod and the happiest song I’ve ever heard came on. I thought it would go well in a unicycling movie, so I put on the happiest shirt I own and went riding…
3MB, 1min, WMV

…it was a happy day. :slight_smile:

For now I’ll just post the low res version. I have twenty something MB DivX version saved, but the internet is running slowly today.

I was once again trying to force myself to roll more of the lines rather than hopping. I’m slowly getting better at it and I do enjoy it more…it’s very satisfying when you clean a line that way. Missing a spoke and having the wheel constantly rubbing on the side of the frame didn’t help though.


Compilation - Rainy Day.jpg

Nice! Well, that makes me feel better about just about everything. :slight_smile:

The well-timed fly buzz added to the day-off ambience - thanks for the mini-vacation!

cool vid again andrew. i bet if you could, youd live on a trail with your uni. :wink:

hammock playlist

i haven’t watched the movie yet, but i’m about to…
i was wondering what your hammock playlist consists of so i can make one-it sounds sweet!

ANDREW! that was great and everything… but WHERE WAS YOUR HELMET!? GASP!

I’m really REALLY regretting not having been able to unicycle more this summer… now that the winter’s comming… awwwwwwww

Yeah, winter sucks.

Its fun to watch unicycle videos when you cant unicycle much yourself. Thanks for sharing! Happy :slight_smile:

I trained him well didn’t I. :wink:

I’m always fantasising about buying a big block of land on terrain like this and having my own muni playground in there. :slight_smile:

See attachment. It’s only short at this stage because I’m very particular about what qualifies as hammock music and what doesn’t. For some reason the song in the movie is missing from the list…I thought it was on there. I guess it’s only on the iPod.

I knew someone would ask me that. My brother had it and I didn’t want to let that stop me from a fun muni ride…now tell me I was wrong! :slight_smile:

…unless you move to Australia and enjoy the summer with me. It only started three days ago, there’s plenty left to share.


Verry Nice Video. Sound wired but I have noticed that I like you tast in music In the past(not Just this). would you be so kind as to suggest some Funky Jazzy band? Thanks

Whoa, Andrew, nice playlist. I was reading along, looking at all the jazz (Buena Vista Social Club and Charlie Hunter, woot!), and then you have Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness on there. Bravo. I love eclectic music collections, and especially playlists that “mix it up”. Rock on.

Hahaha, good to hear that some others here are into that sort of music. :slight_smile:

Here is a shameless plug for my jazz funk band, you can listen to our newly recorded EP at -

Artist Recommendations

Jazz Funk
Charlie Hunter (Duo, Trio, Quartet, and Quintet!)
Directions in Groove
Maceo Parker
Stanton Moore
Brand New Heavies
Dave Weckl Band
John Scofield
Pat Methany Group
Phil Collins Big Band (believe it or not he’s a brilliant drummer!)

Charles Mingus
Chick Corea
The Dave Brubeck Quartet
Dizzy Gillespie
Buddy Rich
Herbie Hancock
Louis Armstrong
Mils Davis
Glenn Miller
Quincy Jones
Thelonius Monk
Trevor Hart Quartet
Weather Report

Michael Jackson (some of it)
Red Hot Chili Peppers (old stuff)
Sly and the Family Stone
Afro Dizzi Act
Every Man and His Llama
Tower of Power

Stevie Wonder
Tom Waits
Dave Matthews Band (the older stuff mostly)

Specific Songs

Brand New Heavies - BNH
Buddy Rich - Channel 1 Suite
Charlie Hunter Trio - Bullethead
Charlie Hunter Trio - Darkly
Dave Matthews Band - Rapunzel
Directions in Groove - Hip Replacement
Directions in Groove - Freezerville
Directions in Groove - Terrified From Dizzy Heights
Directions in Groove - Klunky
Electric Light Orchestra - A Fifth of Beethoven
Every Man and His Llama - Massaman and the Funky Horns
Irakere - Adagio on a Mozart Theme
Maceo Parker - Chicken
Mason Williams - Classical Gas (has he done anything else at all??)
Michael Jackson - Don’t Stop ‘Till You Get Enough
Michael Jackson - Thriller
Michael Jackson - Beat It
Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
Quincy Jones & the Sammy Nestico Orchestra - The Joy of Cookin’
Stanton Moore - Tchfunkta
Sting - Seven Days
Tower of Power - Squib Cakes

Album Recommentions

These are the albums I think stand out as my favourite. They are not neccessarily albums by my favourite artists…

Tom Waits - Nighthawks at the Diner
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blood Sugar Sex Magic
Stanton Moore - All Kooked Out
Charlie Hunter Trio - Bing, Bing, Bing!
Charlie Hunter Quintet - Right Now Move
Louis Armstrong - The Ultimate Collection

Wow, that was difficult to stop myself! :slight_smile: That should do you for now shouldn’t it?


Ha ha, someone did comment on the lack of helmet.

That was my first thought, when I saw the pix in the thread. I didn’t want to mention it, because I’ve bugged Andrew about it before, but this time didn’t want to appear a nag. But since it was brought up by someone else…

BTW, your link in your signature to “Dancing with Architecture” comes up with no site found.

I will check the vid at school on Monday. At home we are on dial up. (sigh)


For ultimate hammock music you’ll need (IMO) to add a little Brazilian “Bahia” music. Dial up “O Leaozinho,” (or anything else for that matter) by Caetano Veloso. Gal Costa, Antonio Carlos Jobim, and Gilberto Gil are also fine.

Great riding, as usual . . .


Nice relaxing video Andrew. Did you play the music from loudspeakers while riding down that slope? You were making some twisting moves that fit the rythm very well.

Next time, make the movie a little longer.

My favourite on your playlist is Miles Davis.

That must be nice having mountains/hills with rocks that are large enough to jump onto.

I have sand dunes and shells :frowning:

Nice video BTW!

I was actually waiting for a no helmet comment from you this time. :slight_smile: I do where a helmet whenever I have one available though…I wore one today. The band’s website it not yet constructed. I’ve finished designing it and now we just have to wait for our very own Brian Mackenzie to construct it for us. We’ve bought the domain though.

Thanks, I had a listen to some of those, great hammock music!

You’d be surprised how often that happens just by chance! I plan to make another compilation movie like the big 8 minute long one I made back in 2004.

It is nice, but there are almost too many of them around these hills…what you see in the videos are the relatively clear spots. I went for a trials ride today in the more rocky sections.