Short Giraffe

Before you all probably shout at me and say do a search:( (I’m a member of another forum we do that a lot:D )

I have done a search and came up lots of stuff on Giraffes and modifying them getting on and off them nearly everything you could think of except what I wanted :thinking:

I have been unicycling now for about 6 months I’m at about on level 4:) (cant get to grips with the one footed stuff or seat out the back but it is coming)

and would love to get my hand on a Giraffe but I don’t want a huge one as iv read they are quite delicate and a few heavy falls can damage the fame:(

What I really want is a relatively shot Giraffe something that is say 1 or 2 feet taller than a regular 20’ uni (what I’m riding right now).

I don’t particularly want to modify one I was after an of he shelf model or something:)

Any help would be most appreciated was told you guys could help (bit of buttering up never hurt lol):slight_smile:

True, a larger giraffe MIGHT bend the frame after many many hard drops, but it’s not very common. If you treat it right it will last for years and years. I suggest the Torker 5 foot giraffe, I have it and it is sturdy at a reasonable price. You won’t be sorry with it.

I’m not sure of any commercially availible mini giraffes, you’ll end up having to have something custom made.

Welcome to the Forum, and good luck with your descion. I hope I’ve helped change your mind! :slight_smile:



Under 5’ might be hard to find, unless you search for “Penguin unicycle” or “Penguin giraffe unicycle” on eBay and wait patiently. Those are around 4’.

To me, 4’ is so shor it doesn’t look very different from a regular uni. But a five footer is enough that it sets you apart, and makes the average onlooker think you’re ten feet tall. Plus they’re a lot easier to freemount than six footers.

A torker is not happening. you will not find one in England. A nimbus is your best bet but… i doubt you will find a giraffe under 5’.


Thank you all so much just the info i was after
looks like i will go for the 5’ Nimbus Giraffe Unicycle
somthing nice and cheep i can throw about to learn on

how hard are they to ride in comparison to a standerd 20"

I would like to put in my vote for the Torker TX, they’ve got super-sturdy frames, and if you intend on doing anything intensive at all with it, you’ll want that. Rolling mounts are included in this (mine has stood up to much roll-mounting, and hasn’t bent).

Also keep in mind that a giraffe won’t be ridden a whole lot, they’re pretty much novelty unicycles for the most part, so you might want to take that into consideration when buying.

As for your last question, once you’re up and riding, they’re actually a little easier. Getting on is another matter until you’re comfortable with it.


I was looking at the Torker TX do you know of any uk suplyers
i cant find any as yet
although i havent asked if they can do mail order

Ah, if you’re going to have to ship a unicycle a long ways… well, let’s say you might as well buy a more expensive one that’s closer to you. After re-checking the specs on the Nimbus, it looks pretty sturdy, and it has a better (safer) system for securing the lower sprocket. I’d say you’d be fine with either one, however more than a few bike shops carry Torker.

That’s one more of us and one less of them.

I thought I’d save you the trouble.