Short Freestyle vid, with a teeny bit of flat.

A couple of newish tricks, I just learned 180s tire to tire today.
Only one boring camera angle:D .
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Says the following:

                 [B]                         This video has been protected                     [/B]

This is a private clip.

thanks, should be fixed now

I love how you bow at the end:D

nice video.
Make some more street/trials video’s though.

Thats all I’ve been doing lately so I decided to practice some freestyle today.

Short and sweet
I liked it
nice stand up wheel walk

Yeah nice standup ww. Those look like good pedals to griptape.

Edit: Junglebook was my fave movie as a kid lol

That song is so racist if you hear it out of context of the jungle book.

Never thought of that… But now I can’t remember the lyrics and can’t be bothered redownloading the vid.

A nice refreshing change from all these boring ‘street’ videos full of crankflips.
Thanks :slight_smile:


Yeah they are. I bought them to use for street but they were a lot better freestyle pedals

Why is it racist :thinking: ? I think its evolution. The ape wants to become (evolve into) a human.

(I don’t believe in evolution though)