short flip vid
music is jein bei fettes brot
hope you enjoy

nice flips!! :wink:
you are so good!!

Why did you reuse that song? It was already in another video?

Your getting much better at flips though…

i didn´t know that it was allready used i never saw it in a vid and i planed i a little while to use this song in a vid

It’s cool, I only thought you would know because the video had Adrien and Mat Belot in it :). It is kinda old though…

o don´t try body flips anymore after some bails :smiley:

nice vid matti!

@émile what yo you mean with no flips :thinking:

i would have filmed sexchange but fore some reason i just landed one actually the first one was very easy but then i didn´t land some more

Dude, I wanted to see some front flips!