Short Flat Session

Nice video. I like your clean style, btw cool uni :wink:

Man i was sooo gonna use this song in my next vid haha. great style. love it

Yeah I like your uni and nice riding.

thx guys :slight_smile:

sweet as man, liked the 180’s on wheel :slight_smile: 450 up and some smooth combos there too!

WHAT!? No offense! but I never thought you were that good! WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?!

Dude you have some sick tricks for only being 14! Reverse varial roll is pretty technical and your backroll flip was smooth (I wish mine looked like that haha). Keep it up dude!

Nice video! You’ve got great style. The 180’s on wheel were sweet and your backroll flips are so nice. Keep up the flatland!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Colby: Haha, I’ve only been riding for like a year and a half so i am not that “famous” yet :wink:

Awesome dude! :slight_smile:

Thanks man :slight_smile: