Short film (with unicycle) for apple film festival - please rate!

I made a short two weekends ago (Nov 10-12) with two friends for a 24-hour student film festival put on by Apple.
On Friday at 2pm, they put out 11 required elements, 3 of which had to be included in the film.
The films could not exceed 3 minutes, and the films had to be done within 24-hours of the prompt.

After reading the prompt, we brainstormed and threw a bunch of stuff in my friend Jon’s station-wagon
(including costumes, unicycles, food, and a monkey). We worked until 4 am, then got up the next morning
to finish and upload the film to before 2pm. My friend Jon and my housemate Yoni performed
the music a mere 1.5 hours before the deadline. Here’s the film we made:

1 (on apple)
2 (on my site -low quality)
3 (on my site -high quality)

Now until December 3rd people can go and rate each film that was submitted. (There were
teams of college students from all over the country). The top 25 rated films get to be
reviewed by a jury after Dec. 3rd.

If you like it, please vote and tell all your friends to vote!!!
[in order to vote, you have to do it by clicking on the “apple version” of my movie above.



Here’s a list of all the given elements the teams could use:

Required character named: Alex Kona
Required Dialog line: “No, you don’t understand what it’s like growing up here.”
Required costume: Leather jacket and dark sunglasses
Required prop: Ice
Required side kick: Pet monkey
Required setting: Abandoned building
Required shot: Clock with 4:11 on face
Required makeup: Fake eyelashes and blue eye shadow
Required genre: Sci-fi/fantasy
Required Camera effect: Crane or boom shot
Required editing device: Musical montage

I really liked that. =p

Good luck! Hope you win it. :smiley:

Haha! Great Jess, loved it :). Hope you do well, seems a shame you have to have an apple membership to vote :(.

Really liked the stop-motion style monkey, very amusing.


That was awesome, Jess. That had better win! The monkey was hillarious.

Nice job, Jess. Can you explain how you did the monkey scene? I saw some strings, but it also looked like a cut motion sort of thing.

Great vid,

Wow, that’s seriously cool! I loved it!
Is it really possible to ride a giraffe faster than you can run(naive)?

Last chance to vote everyone!!

I’m currently ranked #24, which is RIGHT on the cusp.

The top 25 films go on to be looked at by a jury.

It only takes a minute to sign up with apple, and rate it!

Here’s the link again:



Nice Job!

I voted for you the day you posted this. I hope everybody else did too.

Good luck again!

I voted.

I voted too!!

orr, I think I did. I created my Apple log in, then clicked on the arrow and then it gave me the sign on window again. At worst, I voted twice?

I went back again and finally got some statement about “I rated this with 4 stars”. I guess that counts. Cheers.

Good luck Jess.:slight_smile:

Did you get in?

good but shud this be in the vidios section:D :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: