Short Edit (GoPro Test)

Today I filmed a little bit with my new GoPro to test the 120fps mode. Here is a short edit.

I really like the slow motion. I wish more people would do that on their tricks so I can see whats really happening. Some tricks are so fast I don’t see how really hard they are…thanks for sharing.

Looks like a successful test to me! I gotta try my new GoPro as well

Na war an guter Test!Sehr geile Zeitlupe Aufnahmen!

That was very well done, is it the hero 3?

hi.welcome to this forum site.!!!

Like The Matrix :slight_smile:

Very very good! Thanks for test!

I need to test my Pentax WG-3 which can do high speed video shooting… But I have to land something looking good for HS video :roll_eyes:

Agree with the others…the slow-mo is cool as hell.