short cranks

I baught a QUAX several years ago, and since then they have stopped making this model, its a 20" trails one. The cranks it origionally came with are 170 in lenght and im wanting to getshorter ones. Problem is that these are 10 spined with double pin locking, so one locks into the hub and the other locks the actual crankaround the hub…

If anybody knows what these can he replaced with, preferably 100 or 127 would be great


Any chance you’ll want to get a new hub/cranks instead? I’ve a spare miyata set that I’m trying to get on my uni (they’ve got 89mm cranks) but my current hubset is still functional enough for me to not want to dump it.

My hubset’s the red Qu-Ax one with 100mm cranks.

What spoke is it? And also how much do you want for it including shipping it to the uk?