short cranks on a MUni

what are the shortest cranks you’ve put on a MUni?, how short is to short? Right now I have 165mm But I’m thinking I want more speed and want to go with shorter cranks, I live in Muskoka Where there are hardly any big hills, and if I do come to them I don’t usually get up them any how. so please give pros, cons, and anything else you want to add about different crank lengths that You personally have tried.

when I get a muni I’m going to get 140’s and 160’s and see which I like more. I think the average size is about 165 though.

I have 140’s on my KH24. I can do everything i can do with 165’s and go faster.

It really depends on the terrain. A few years back when I was less experienced, I rode a 24x1.75 off road on rough grassy steepish slopes on 102s. This year on a 26 x 2.4, I had a miserable ride on 125s because the uni just didn’t “click” with that terrain. I ride my Coker on 150s and seldom stall uphill or lose control downhill. I have done 15 miles of ruts and mud on a 28 on 110s, and ridden dry but difficult cross country on a 700c x 23mm on 102s - and easily on 114s.

But my MUni is a 24 x 3 on 165s, and I could not have done the Dartmoor Muni weekend on anything less competent. Maybe a 26 x 3 would have been easier.

There are so many variables including riding style, tyre section, the nature of the terrain. All I can say is experiment. I think most people would count 150 as “fairly short” for MUni.