short cranks 4 sale

I have 3 sets of short cranks for sale, $10. each pair, or $25. for the set of 3. This pic shows the Sugino MP aluminum 100s and 110s. They were shortened by Gus Dingemans, and are very sturdy.


These are the 100mm Torker aluminum black cranks.
All 3 have 9/16" pedal holes.
soulskater (at)


are they bent in anyway shape or form?

The black ones are straight, and the Suginos have the slightest of offset to them, but not a factor due to the short lengths. All are in good condition, no crashes, twists, or bends.

il take both pair of the 100’s

got anything else for sale???

Please email me at: soulskater(at sign) and i’ll give you the shipping details, etc.
I’d have to look around for other stuff in my garage.

daaang, i sold them here at home before the first email!
wow this board works fast!!
thanks all.

Just as well…total uni ain’t a player. He just pertends to want to buy things, but never delivers. It is best to Ignore him.

i have a 1st hand feeling that he got a few emails about that very subject from people who experianced the “total” experiance.