Short Comedy Vid

I put together a little comedy quickie.

I wanted to see the reaction of the store manager when I rode my MUni INSIDE the Market!


(Thanks to jjtheunicycle for designing the sign used in the video!:D)

Ha that actually was pretty funny :slight_smile:

Keep making them vids…


hahaha thats was really good well done you made my day

if I thought I could do that I would have done it long ago.
but funny vid

Hahaha! Nice!

am waiting for it to load!

am excited

i lol’d

your acting skills are to die for :slight_smile:

That was great! I loved the music.

Good movie I like it alot made me laugh abit to. The other day I had a person in the gas station watch my uni while I had to get some snackage it reminded me of that lol.

That was great!

“Where is trailmix?” :smiley: Nice touch!

The part at the beginning where you open the fridge real fast, dont even look, and say its empty, then shut it real fast, made me laugh a lot.

Great vid!

HA…Sweet…Keep em coming terry.

Haha nice video :slight_smile:

haha your mind is random like mine, I saw your other videos with the big mouth and the other with your one wheeled bike. You’re one cool guy

haha damn I love eveysingle one of your videos haha damn it is already getting hot out here in Riverside…So much for riding together before it gets hot haha…So how are you man?

Hey Jonah I talked with your friend Jeff today and we talked about me coming out to Riveside soon so all three of us could ride! I figure we could just scout cool places to do jumps, hops, gaps, drops…etc., and make a super cool video!

nice man :D:D:D