Short Chicago edit

Not bad.

The rails were nice. I especially liked the 360 out.

The filming and editing are nothing special. And Max, the way you adjust your pedals mid-line kind of kills the flow, and the 180 late doubleback was a little sketchy.

But maybe I’m just being overly critical…

I understand. I wasn’t really going for an amazing edit and the filming is never good in my vids.

Well when I messed up the line like 8 or so times because my pedals have no grip on one side… I kind of don’t care.

Yeah, I know. I’m going to upload a video later this week with some more clips from this ride. None of the clips used here were my best (imo) that I got.

Nah, it’s fine; everything you said was valid.

I’m alive in this video?

Jon thinks he died and is confused why he is alive.

But there was that time where I fell…and then I…


How are you viewing this thread if you died? How did you respond to this if you died?

I don’t understand what you’re asking?


Part Two:

I had planned to make a longer video, but it rained today.

Looked fun, I’m sorry I had to miss it this time. I’m really starting to think I wont get to ride with you guys till spring with my schedule right now :frowning:

you guys need to make some more vids!
loved the rails, you guys grind so slow!
the 180 doubles were pretty cool looking i think

That was pretty cool, but the way you grind so slowly and do tricks late makes it look like you’re going for something more chill, the music just kinda doesn’t fit?
Nice videos though, loved the 360 out of that rail. :smiley:

awesome =)
nice vids!!! I like the second one the most ^^ clean tricks, nice music,…
and the first vid: nice 360 out
and the tricks were so good :slight_smile: 180 doublebackflip down that ledge was really nice!

Ooh, nice. I liked part two more hahaha. The 180 out of that handrail, and the 180 late doubleback down the ledge were the highlights for me.

I think the 180 late doublebacks would look nicer if you rolled out at the same speed you rolled in, though.

Were there some blind grinds in there? Too dark to see if it was a diffrent person.

Yeah the 180double off the sloped ledge was the nicest.

Eli, thats the hardest part of street riding, keeping flow. Man! You were so critical in your first comment :P.

Your backflips kinda remind me of Pele.

Also, I like your riding Max. Not the conventional street riding (just flips down sets) so I like the little street riding you put in your vids. And yes, the slow grinds on the handrails confused me haha, I have no chance of that seeing as I ride metals now.


Thanks, I think I will start making some more as long as I’m riding more street. My flatland bores me.

The 8 set rail had a “sticky” feeling to it. What is a chill trick to do out of a handrail though?
Yeah, I kind of just threw in music.

Thanks Tim! I love your street videos too.

I agree. I will work on that.

In the first video, Jon did the 8 set (and flatish rail) regular and I did the 5 set blind.
The second video was all me, so the 6 set handrail was blind.
Thanks also.

That looked cool. I liked part two more :slight_smile: I have to agree with Ali that the riding was too chill for the music.

There were some pretty kickass tricks in there man. Niiice.

Do you grind on both sides?

Yeah, I can; my blind grinds are only a bit harder than normal (backfoot).
I cannot really do any tech grinds blind though (only 180 and crankflip out (not handrails)).