Short bit of video from Leo and Edd

Hey guys,

Me and Leo were going to enter a video into the video competition. We started filming and got some footage, then I uPD’d onto the camera equipment and buggered the camera. I had finnished the last section of the movie but none of the rest.

I decided to enter it anyway.

Here it is.

We were trying to make something completly different from anything out there already. Tell us what you think, I hope you enjoy it.

Rock on!

defanly different. u should do that kinda stuff but with stuff that u land and dont do it so slow
later jonA

shame that wasnt a full video, it realy gets you wanting you to start to land stuff


I think that it would have been a good intro for a vid, maybe if it was shorter, but as a whole video I thought it was a waste of time. It’s not really your fault, since your camera broke, but other than that it was good. Very artistic idea.:slight_smile:

It’s beautiful! Nice change of timing from the typical chopped-up approach. Your film really does bring out the idea that, when unicycling, we’re just living life. Very insightful. Thanks!

nice vid dudes, so is that the second cam u broke or is that the same one u broke that stopped u filmin at london meet, good goin guys keep it up

Nice one Edd, Something different there that works well. Shame it’s not the full finished vid!

You have inspired me to make another video sometime, perhaps a xc muni journey…

Thanks for all the positive comments guys!

I was looking to make something totally different. If my camera hadnt broke, there was loads of things I would have changed on this.

I was trying to make something that conveyed the happiness that unicycling brings, and that even though sometimes we fall, we get right back up, brush ourselves off, and try again.

When I showed this to my girlfriend she started crying! :o Opps! She said that it was like a memorial video!

Keep the comments comming!

Rock on!

What you upd off?