[Short] : [Another] Trip to Quebec City

I went to Quebec City yesterday to ride, but unfortunatly it was raining, hence the song. In fact, last year Julien Renaud challenged me to use this song in a vid, and I think it fits. I found a dried spot and stayed for the whole day, so don’t expect a lot of this vid.

Links :



P.S. I would also like to thank a lot my girlfriend who lent me her unicycle since I did not have mine.:o

OMG! Best song ever.

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. no saracism

Sweet. I needa learn 360 lates. Your girlfriend has a sweet uni, how often does she use it?

Edit: Hated the song lol.


…well, no. She rides it every now and then, when she is with me. And it wasn’t late, just…a 180flip.

Thank you,

270 flip? I saw something like that. Looked late to me, maybe I wasn’t looking. But, that dosn’t change the fact that I need to learn them haha.

haha, yeah, the 360 flip was kinda off. Try 360 backflips, they are a bit easier for me.

shit music. good riding.

Song was aright, because it is catchy and will now be reluctantly stuck in my head for the rest of the day. Cool stuff too!

Wow a try-all tyre with lots of tread left, mine is dead :frowning:

Yeah, it was short but good, and I just realized how good quality youtube has when you watch it in ‘high quality’ :sunglasses:

Always enjoy your videos Hugo,

you really stomp the landings.


I don’t find it a bad song, but I wouldn’t use it for a unicycle vid.
But had some nice tricks in it.
Plus, realy cool uni your gf has, you should be proud of her lol

Really cool video Hugo, I liked it. You look good on that green uni :slight_smile:

He bought his GF that uni! How nice!


good stuff. enjoyed it even tho the music was um well not something i would have used :wink: but u did make it for with the music so it was cool

what is the name of the song?

Nice, except for the music :roll_eyes:

Did you session any spots from Ryan A’s part of Defect? Last summer when I went to Quebec City I remember so many times just walkin around and seeing spots from Defect. I didn’t have my uni with me though!

I’ve been to the blue poles spot in a park, but there was only one left and I went to the bridge where he did a super high pedal grab, St-Jean Gate. I also rode at the rail he was riding at the end of his part, but didn’t ride the handrail like he did. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for your comment.


Yeah, the St Jean Gate pedal grab was insane. I didn’t realise how crazy it was though till I went to the top of the gate. Its like 30 feet high, and the block that Ryan pedal grabbed was actually slanted.

Anyway, again good vid.