short alloy cranks?

Looking for a set of alloy 110mm or 100mm cranks, straight arms w/ no offset or “Q” factor (unlike Doteks). Anyone know where i might find some (new or used)??

All cranks have Q factor. Q factor is the result of the pedal not being in the plane of the centre line of the wheel. sell 89mm and 102 mm cranks in budget steel and also made from cut down Doteks. They also do standard aluminium alloy cranks in 110 mm.

For these very short lengths, weight is less of a factor. Also, although aluminium alloy is less dense than steel, you need a lot more of it to get the same strength.

Aluminium alloy cranks tend to look nicer, but I’m not convinced there is any benefit in terms of performance.

I believe Max Dingemans’ dad can make custom short alloy cranks. Max is in the TCUC. Anything that Max’s dad makes is Max tested and approved which means that it’s strong.

For what type of riding? I wouldnt trust them to heavy trials riding, which includes many a large drop. But for freestyle they tend to last me quite a while. which means they’ll last almost any one else quite a while and then some. The ones Im using now, are quite strong but have a slight q factor. However, it’s miniscule and almost as small most cranks that are commonly avialable. these’d be about 40 plus shipping, tapped either 9/16’s or 1/2, at any length below about 150.

Thanks much Max! I emailed you yesterday with those inquiries, and so please email me back for the details of my order for 2 sets.
I promise I won’t drop more than 5’ on them! :wink:

I’ll vouch for Max’s dad’s cranks. He did a great job for me on the cranks that are on the uni that he also made for me. The craftmanship is really beautiful. I’m in a real different class of freestyle rider than Max and I, too, would yield to the Max-factor of testing.