Shopping List

Since I started riding I have been ordering something new every other day. Besides my cycle itself, here are some things I have been buying.

Shirt: Under Armour Men’s Tech Short Sleeve Tee, Royal (400), Large Under Armour

Shorts: Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Cargo Short, Fossil, 34x12 Columbia

Water: CamelBak Lobo Hydration Pack, Imperial Blue/Charcoal CamelBak

Gloves / Wrist Brace: Triple 8 Hired Hands (Black, X-Large) Triple Eight

Knee / Shin Guard: Kali Protectives Aazis Plus 130 Soft Knee/Shin Guard (Green, X-Large) Kali Pr…

Helmet: Triple 8 Brainsaver Rubber Helmet with Sweatsaver Liner (Carbon, X-Large) Adu…

Light: Cygolite Metro 550 USB Light Cygo Lite

Light mount: CygoLite ExpiliOn/Metro/Streak/Pace Helmet Mount Kit Cygo Lite

Pump: Bike Mini Pump; High Pressure Compact Bicycle Pump For Presta & S…

So what am I missing?

elpuebloUNIdo tells me I should get a pedal wrench so I have this in my cart now…

Park Tool PW-5 Home Mechanic Pedal Wrench Park Tool

He says I should get some other tools and a pair of bicycle shorts.

Any specific suggestions?

I know UDC is where I will have to buy some specialized stuff but Amazon is so convenient, inexpensive and FAST.

I guess I should also get a small first aid kit to put in my backpack. A drew I little blood today when I grabbed the wrong part of my seat during a UPD and a bolt snagged my skin. Nothing major but I wished I had a bandaid to keep it clean.

What other essentials should I throw in my pack?

Thanks for putting the urls on the products you’re thinking of buying. This will be helpful to other riders looking for the same stuff.

I too have been buying. I bought a new KH 26, handlebar , KH starfighter brake
Lever extension, G -form elbow pads, KH percussion knee pads. I already owned a helmet gloves etc from mtb riding.

I too have been buying. I bought a new KH 26, handlebar , KH starfighter brake
Lever extension, G -form elbow pads, KH percussion knee pads. I already owned a helmet gloves etc from mtb riding.

The thing I really want to buy is an KH 26.

But they are out of stock (for the season?).

I bought mine from Canada / Unicycles canada. I just ordered mine on 1/30 so hopefully it will be here soon.

Josh at UDC says the new models are coming out in April. Last year they arrived in May.

Crank puller
Spoke wrench
Allen keys
Tyre levers
Tyre pressure gauge
Valve tool
Puncture repair kit
Cycle computer (I recommend Rox5 or Rox 6, see my posting history)
Hip pads


I pulled the trigger and ordered the KH26 from Canada.

Wow, congrats on that! It’s a great uni, and the few riders I know who have them really like them.

Does that come stock with:

-Surly Knard tire?
-Disk brake?
-Fusion Zero saddle?

Also, did you order the KH t-bar setup with it?

And what length cranks did you order, and did they give you an option on crank length?

Yes it has the Surly Knard 26 x 3.0 inch tire
Yes disk brakes
Yes fusion zero saddle

Yes I ordered the optional KH T-bar (muni version)

I did not select special cranks. Default was KH Spirit 127/150 mm ISIS

See the link above for more details :slight_smile:

Shit just got serious. JamesCSmith ain’t messing around. Next thing you know he’ll have flown over to meet Florian and scored himself a Schlumpf hub. If that turns out to be the case you’ll want to pick up a set of torque wrenches. Park Tool ratcheting type is adjustable as not to allow you to tighten a bolt too tight.

Nice choice on the KH26 and the mUni bar. Kris spec’d the cranks at 150/125 which is exactly what you want. Nothing wrong with shipping to the states from Canada. Tariffs cost a little more from England but Roger always seems to have that hard to find part.’

I never used a torque wrench on any part of my unicycle, though it stands to reason that there’s an ideal torque specification for every adjustment on the unicycle. I frequently test the tightness of the pedals, seat bolts, crank-interface, bearing caps and seat-post clamp. I found that a newer setup needed more frequent tightening, due to the unprecedented forces being placed on it. Also, I am not aware of, to what extent, if ever, I have ‘over’ tightened parts of the unicycle. I am planning on buying a 3rd generation Schlumpf, and I don’t want to screw it up. Florian suggests using a tiny torque wrench on the gold and silver shifting buttons of his geared hub. I will probably buy the wrench, not wanting to screw up this almost $2K item. But, in general, I wonder if a torque wrench is worth it for the rest of the unicycle.

If I ever needed a torque wrench for cycling I had always planned on getting a Park TW-1 and TW-2 rather than the ratchet type. I just noticed today that they’ve discontinued them :(. There is still some old stock available from some suppliers but I don’t know if I want to cough up the cash right now…

The only time I’ve ever needed a torque wrench was fitting a schlumpf hub. Most likely the new ones that we have been waiting for over the last couple of years will do away with that need (most obvious fix to lots of current problems). Otherwise I don’t see any real need for one.

I have one (TW-1), and I honestly haven’t used it once. If you plan to use them on a regular basis, get the ratchet type, you can still buy a handful of them for the price. You really only need a 4nm and a 5nm for most cases. They are much easier to use in my opinion.