shopping list: wanted various things

I think the base on my KH fusion seat is twisted. First of all does anyone know if this is possible? It just seems like it the uni likes to pull to the right. I put my Fusion Freeride on the uni and it tracked straight.

So here’s my list:

A good KH seat base (hopefully left over from a CF conversion)

A long 22.2 seatpost, like in the 500mm range

ISIS cranks, Ideally around 140mm

and still an ISIS hub

The more I could get from one person the better as it would save on shipping. I’m in Longmont, Colorado if there is anyone nearby who can help me out.



I have a 22.2 seatpost, but cut it down to something closer to 350… would you be interested?

maybe, I’ll measure the uni to see if it’s tall enough.

For the KH seatbase twisting it is possible that this could happen although it is unlikely, and the symptoms you describe are unlikely to be caused by a twisted seatbase.

The usual thing that happens to seatbases is that they snap across or bend across, both are quite likely and possible, but again probably wouldn’t cause the uni going to one side.

That is usually caused by road crown, tire pressure, seat height, or sometimes but much more unlikely it is caused by a mishappen frame.

Try messing with your seat height to try and aleviate any problems of pulling to one side.

I hope that helps.

a kh seat base is just a velo seat base the same used by nimbus and i think the toker dh

My seat is twisted too. I believe it is the stiffener plate inside of the seat (bolted to the base).
I think your better off making a trip to

Can you get a new stiffener plate? I went to the UDC site, and couldn’t find just the plate. It would be nice not to have to replace the whole seat.