Shopping for donuts

the title says it all :slight_smile:


Team nelson FTW

EDIT : Michael (padst3r) was hiding the camera when we went past the staff, also the quality is low due to the file size, I had to reduce it.

Lol, so awesome

you should have slapped that guy who said you called your uni a bike! :angry: :smiley:

It passed through my mind :smiley:

I was trying not to laugh the whole way through the supermarket.The looks on peoples faces were priceless :smiley:

haha… That just sounds like an awesome thing i need to do. And i have a supermarket that is actually small enough so no one would really know until i got down to the checkout thingy.

Which, hopefully in the next 2 years, were adding onto our town, so i’ll have some trials spots to then ride. We removed “The Granite Company”, which was a HUGE place, which workers are currently removing all the concrete from it, and then our city just needs to develope it into stores like the plans said(2).

*company that mass produced granite headstones, and tabletops, i dont really know, but it was a massive place

*(2)our town made plans for the developing of it, otherwise we’d just have pole barns going up, and a really uncooperative system of roads and parking lots in the area. How were doing it, it’s going to work easier, and relieve traffic in this area.

hahaha that s funny :smiley:

Haha, I can’t imagine ever riding inside a place of business! Like Home depot, kmart, target, DMV, bed & bath, walmart…no way I’d be too scared!:p;):wink:

You went in a Target Didint you? :thinking:

(All of the above sorry to threadjack)

How about dropping off that restaurant counter and the smaller store which didn’t allow backpacks? Would you ever go into those places?

looks like so much fun…i want to do it at walmart…with a giraffe…once i can mount better

I would ditch the helmet it makes it more obvious.


But… Funnier? :smiley: Its obviously extreme.

Thats what i was going for lol