Shopping for a cycle

I hate to ask it, as I’ve read the other discussions, but I’m looking for a nice clear cut answer (or as much of one as I can get :wink:

I’m looking to get a new uni for Christmas and am looking at the different options. The criteria are: I’m 6’3", 150 lbs. 24" wheel, and I would prefer to not have to upgrade any pieces of it for a long while (comes with a good seat, etc.). I’m looking to do primarily trials on it. Estimated price: 200-300ish, but can go out of that a bit. Just looking for a general good beginners unicycle that I dont have to worry about outgrowing (I uni a bit now, so I know I’m interested and am willing to invest).

Best bet right now looks to be the torker ( Is that the one I should go for, or any other suggestions?

Thanks for any assistance you can offer.

good choice.

its good for the money, but it will break eventually. this of course, depends on how much you ride it and what you do on it. i would say that if you do break it, you will at that point be obsessed with unicycling and ready to pump your life’s savings into a new unicycle, so i would say its a win win situation. if you dont really like unicycling that much, it will last forever, but if you love it, you will be happy to upgrade.

Re: Shopping for a cycle

First question: USD, UK Pounds, Aussie Bucks, NZD, Euros, Bolivars, Rand?

That would be 200-300 USD. Figured since they think they rule the world, might as well use the most common currency, right? Plus, it’s easier then writing 200000-300000 CDN. Those extra zeros really get your fingers tired :wink:

Geez, if you’re in Ontario, call Darren then, eh? He’ll fix you up right and right away, too. Anyway, he takes play money. He likes loonies and toonies and colorful bills.

Darren is extremely up-front and helpful when it comes to pricing and deciding on a unicycle.

Hmmm… I wonder if that Torker will fit the Hoggy G tire? I’m guessing that it won’t, but it would be worth it to find out. The Hoggy-G would turn that uni into more of a trials uni. The stock tire is kind of skinny for jumping around on.

If the Hoggy-G won’t fit then what about the Maxxis Hookworm tire? It’s not as bouncy as the Hoggy-G, but it would be better than the stock tire.

If the Torker DX 24 actually fit the Hoggy-G that would be sweet. What a combo that would be.

An important question is whether you plan to muni (mountain unicycle) or do any trials? Or are you primarily thinking about street riding and freestyling?

Since the 2004 Torker DX is a new model, nobody here can tell you how well it will stand up to abuse, since we haven’t gotten to test it out yet. However, it looks pretty sturdy, and perfectly good for free-style and street riding. It also looks adequate for normal muni-ing, but most people who muni prefer a wider tire and double walled alloy rims. If you intend to put this unicycle through some serious trials abuse, you will probably break it in time, but not before you get some good use out of it and discover what you really want. For a general–all around unicycle, this is probably a good buy. Now if you are buying it primarily for muni-ing, then I would recommend getting something with a 2.6" or 3" tire. For the same money as that Torker you can get this:

If you think that you are going to need a muni with a splined hub, then you are probably going to put it through enough abuse to warrant buying a Kris Holm or something like that.

Who’s this Darren fellow and how would I contact him? Is he a private seller, or shop owner, or just a philanthropist?

If you want a thick tire for a trials uni, would it be better to get more of a muni 24" that supports a thicker rubber?

Thanks for the help thus far.

And while I’m at it… safety gear. I’ve seen the helmet arguements, so we don’t really need to go over crash vs. bike helmet, but what about leg armor? What’s a good brand, or are they all pretty much the same?

Darren Bedford makes a great unicycle (from what I hear) and he also gives good advice.

Bedford Unicycles




or go to this site:


My order in wearing safety gear:

  1. wristguards
  2. kneepads
  3. helmet
  4. elbowpads
  5. if I had something for tailbone it would be here