Shopper on a budget...

Alright, here’s the scoop:

Currently I’m trying to learn how to ride unicycle. I’m using a very old Schwinn unicycle that didn’t get very much use, and it’s in fair condition (it aged pretty well, but it’s not a great cycle.) I am looking for something better though, hopefully by this summer.

Currently the only cycles I’ve been looking at have been torker’s (I like the DX, but the LX is much cheaper and looks pretty good.) I know there are other brands, but I don’t really look on my own since I don’t know where to look.

Basically, it would be a street cycle, but not as intense as that. I would probably just cruise around the 'burbs, maybe do a few freestyle tricks (like, ride backwards, or spin, and stuff like that) and probably figure out how to go down stairs or drop, stuff like that. So yeah, I suppose it would be a street unicycle.

I could wait, and get a Torker DX around October or so, but getting a unicycle right before winter (especially in Wisconsin) seems pretty lame to me. What I’m wondering is, are there any good, durable street uni’s that are around or under the $200 price range? Something that’s going to last for a while…

Thanks for any help!

you probly wont be able to get anything splined(very strong hub) for under 200$ but the nimbus from is a very durable uni considering the fact that its not splined

For my purposes, though, would it be better to get something like, that, or wait a bit and go for the Unistar DX?

Well If You Want To Do Big Drops And Jump Down Stairs Then Yes I Would Recomend You Wait And Get The Dx Maybe You Could Sell Your Old Uni To Raise More Money For The New One

Naah, it’s way too old to sell. It’s also technically not mine, it’s my stepdad’s. I’ll look around some more, but I really like that DX. I can wait…

You could always get PDC’s DX… it’s the older model that looks like an lx but it has a splined hub and cranks.

I think that I’d like to go with the DX, but looking on, it says that the DX (and the other trials unis I checked) were only able to drop like, 10 cm for riders under 150 pounds. I’m about 150, but I want to drop more than 10 cm. Is this going to taco the tire like I saw in the pictures at busteduni?

nope, your much less likely to taco the rim than break everything else. the rim is an alex rims dx32, a nice strong and reputable trials rim…
more likely are you to snap the frame (like me) and bend the cranks and saddle (like me)
anways, dx is a good uni. go and search the forums for the multitudes of threads on this please.

yeah…very few people taco rims anymore… and when they do its beacause they were attempting something hard