What kinda shoes do you use when you ride your unicycle skateboarding shoes, running, basketball, ect

I wear skate shoes, and they work out great… i once heard you are supposed to wear boots… tried it once and found out it was a dumb idea. (sorry i just offended the person who wears boots on their unicycle).

skate/bmx shoes is what I use and what I always used

My kids bought me some skate shoes last year and they are what I prefer to wear. I will wear just about anything, including Wolverine lace-up boots.

I have not tried using my bicycling shoes. They are designed to use clipless pedals, but I saw a picture of a unicyclist using them with a platform pedal.

Skate/bmx shoes are the best. Got a new pair of World shoes and after 2 minutes of riding and one hickflip the left outside rubber part at the bottom ripped off.

i preferably wear “And 1’” hightop sneakers. they are extremely light weight, and protect your ankles from clacking against the cranks, pedals, and spokes.

they work quite well. but skate shoes are popular. i might try them

skate shoes…usually adios or etnies…
i like my adios more though because they got a thicker sole…

I have been riding Etnies Callicut skate shoes… So far I like them very much.


I actually wear a pair of birkenstock walking shoes… O.k. stop laughing …

The sole is really grippy even in wet conditions and the shoe actually offers some support for my feet, unlike any skate shoe out there.

yeah right…
thats the point of most skate shoes…to provide good grip and good support…
if ur wearin ur shoes loose like slippers u could hurt urself but watever floats ur boat…

I wear safety boots on my coker and DX sometimes which is cool to see and try. :smiley: :smiley:

vans. The ones with the “waffle” sole. I have a pair of ordinary ones and a pair of high tops.

On my 20" I either wear my sandals or basket ball boots.

I too am a vans user. Regular slip on vans and high top chuck taylor all stars. They work great!

Converse All Star, Chuck Taylor black high top. classic, grippy and supportive. Just like Mom!

Yay! high tops!

I learnt in DMs which was kinda useful when my feet were threatening to slip of the front of the pedals and my heels would cling on, but once I was over that stage they became a pain. I now wear a heavy tread trainer which has a good grip on the pedal even though my pedals are not at all of the super-grippy sort.
I’m considering getting some skate shoes, but they’re a bit pricy just to ride in. If I do get some, they’ll be the ankle-high variety to protect against ankle to crank contact.

i started out using vans skateboarding shoes but after slipping off the pedals all the time i have switched to my asics running shoes because the have alot better grip and now the only times i slip off are when my shoes get wet.

I have Globe skate shoes, with a great sole, that catches the pins on the pedals quite good.

High-top Nike’s for MUni and Van’s for everything else.

I always use running shoes. Skate shoes looks stupid to me and those are too big and heavy. Otherwise I’d (probably) use them.