Shoes.. ?

Hey, I need a new pair of shoes ready for the BUC and I was wondering what people’s opinions are. I ride trials and street style… and I’ve had these vans skater type shoes for about 3 years and the soles have worn out…
any ideas? trainers, skater shoes, converse? - thinking about grip and comfort etc.


Five ten freeride

I have never used them but all my freeride friends do. They say it feels like your riding clipped in

And you can get them in high top

Same tread patten as the Coker tyre has. Cool!


ive heard good things about those other shoes but I use these and there so grippy mabe a little stiff in the begining but they soften up pretty quick and there not as ugly as the picture. But the soles do wear out kind off quick . And I think there alot better than the new dually shoes I hand the new one’s for a couple days and the soles started to rip apart. so just get so of these beast’s

any Adio skate shoes are great.


I either ride Converse or cheap hiking shoes that cover the ankles.

The converse dont last all too long when doing street, but for trials they are great.

The hiking type shoes are great. Very stiff but comfortable, and last far longer than all the skating shoes I have ever worn, and about 1/4th the price of skate shoes.

I’m looking for a new pair of shoes to wear riding and just around - right now I get running shoes since I run cross country, and wear those shoes all the time. They’re mediocre to bad in terms of gripping pedals. Skate shoes are all fine for just walking about, correct?

I’d say get Etnies, and you want bmx shoes not skate shoes. They are really similar though.


adidas rod laver.


as long as they are not moded… I just got some low top nike shoes at a discount store and the feel great and the grip is very good to… I was going to get a pair of dc shoes, but nike was cheaper so that is what I got…

EDIT: from what I have used I like shoes with a flat bottom like bmx, skate and some baskectball shoes do…

skate shoes are great for everthing. my favorites are adio, fallen, and dvs, but thats just me.

The soles of my vans shoes are totally shreaded from my truvativ pedals, Whats the thickest sole shoe thats good for riding?

I would recomend the five tens aswell, either that or right now I’m riding the Shimano DX shoes, but I don’t know how well they will last. They were great for Moab but since then I havn’t ridden them much.

Those remind me of parkour shoes…

Wht i hate is i thought i needed grip, when i found out the less grip the better, like with skate shoes, i bought a cheap pair with a ton…A TON… of grip, and they ride well, but some things are harder.

(I can do a sideways wheen walk for 3 and a half full rotations!!!)

Wht do you guys like, more grip, or less.

I like mine in between from what I have tried…

Get something with a flat bottom, prevents you from landing funny on the pedal and messing up your ankle.