What do you guys think would be best to learn in? Some floppy old soft tennis shoes, stiff tennis shoes, or leather hiking shoes (I hesitate to call them boots as they don’t cover my ankles, but they have a solid sole). What’s a good tradeoff between feedback and support?

(I also will be wearing a nylon ankle brace)

When learning, accidents come often. Wear something that gives you lots of protection. I’d recommend something that covers your ankles. Try something stiff to begin with, as you’ll be landing on your feet in all sorts of odd positions and you’d be better off avoiding sprains and bruises. As you get more comfortable with mounts and dismounts, then you can wear your ol’ floppies.

converse shoes are the best ever…good ankle support, theyre comfy, and very tough. oh and they are easy to move around in

i wear skate shoes because of the flat bottom and lot of padding they have…vans are nive cause of the honey comb pattern

It´s not very important what shoes you learn in.
As long as you don´t ride in flip-flops you will be ok.

When you become better and want to go into something like street,trial,muni,freestyle you may want some shoes better suited for that style of riding.

I dont really know but i think you should use skate shoes for street and trials, and use converse or tennis shoes for freestyle.