What kind of shoes are best for riding? Are there certain kinds that are better for Trials or Muni or Freestyle or what? I’m ready for new shoes and I figure I should get whatever will benifit my riding most.
Thanks for your help



I heard that these are the perfect trials shoes

Thanks alot John. I like the look of those shoes. I might just have to get em. Anybody else have any input?


all i know is don’t use converse all-stars if they have no tread and it’s raining and you don’t have BMX pedals… other than that i don’t know.


Especially for trials and MUni where pin pedals are involved, I prefer Vans skateboard shoes for girls… ah, yeah, I think you can get Vans for guys as well… :wink:


I have to agree with Erin. The soles of my Vans lock onto the Primo Tenderizer pedals quite nicely.


For freestyle something with a flat sole is preferred. Most folks I see use Converse for freestyle. I have Airwalks. I like them for commuting and for freestyle. For trials or MUni, the sole isn’t thick enough.

Re: shoes

I have the AXO X-Up shoes. I got them really cheap at an REI sale.

I wouldn’t call them the best trials shoe. The sole isn’t especially grippy. The tread pattern doesn’t lock on the pedal pins like Vans or the AXO/661 Dually. The shoe sole is also much thicker than my other shoes so I have to raise the seat when I wear the X-Up shoes.

I like Vans and the AXO Dually. For the Vans you need to get the ones with a semi-stiff sole and the diamond style “off the wall” tread pattern. There are some Vans that have a thin and flexible sole (you can literally fold the shoe in half). Avoid the thin flexy canvas Vans.

Do the Vans and AXOs tend to be LBS-sold, or would you find them in standard shoe outlets, Sporting Foot, etc.?

You can find a good selection of Vans at some local shoe stores. Some outlet malls have Vans outlet stores. Vans are also available at online shoe stores and online BMX bike shops. Vans use standard American sizing and once you know your “skate shoe size” you can buy them online worrying about fit.

The AXO BMX shoes are usually a special order item. Bike stores that carry the AXO/661 clipless MTB shoes can order them. Just be careful with the sizing for AXO. AXO uses European sizes and they don’t match up well with American sizes. Best bet is to make sure you aren’t forced to buy the shoe if it doesn’t fit you.

A good pair of riding shoes must also be comfortable for walking. You never know what’s going to happen out on the trail.

kool. Ive found some of them AXO X-Up’s in the UK. Im in need of some new uni shoes. I use the same pair all of the time… Trials, MUni, Freestyle etc.

I was looking at Vans, but they seem too wide at the lases. They look like they would just fall off.

I was also looking at 661 shoes… they look good. I shall find the link soon…

Joe, have size 38 & 39 Axo Dually boots and a couple of 661 shoes too if you dare buy shoes mail order.


Thanks for that Joe!

I have been looking for them before, but it was in $.

No, i dont think i dare buy shoes mail order! Ill try and get a bike shop to get them in…

I like the Dually as it has ankle protection, and the Axo Sport X-UP coz they r a bit cheaper.

I will keep looking…


I wear the types of shoes that are like walking boots wothout the boot bit. Just like normal trainers with thick hiking boot-style soles. They are knobbly and perfect at gripping the pedals.

I have used turf shoes for all unicycling for 20 years or so. Turf shoes are like non-cleated golf or indoor soccer shoes. They have basically a knobby bottom all the way across.

My current pair are Nikes. I’m not sure the model name or anything, as I don’t have them with me. These are especially nice in that the tread actually goes up on the heel and toe areas. Great for anything wheel-walking.

Bike shoes generally have a stiff sole, to transmit maximum power from your foot through the pedal. My turf shoes were not made with this in mind, so they may not be the best for you considering what your feet are used to. I’ve wanted to try a mountain biking shoe for MUni, but haven’t gotten any yet. It would have to be a compromise between the stiff sole, good pedal grip, and an ability to feel where the pedal is under the foot. I suspect a lot of mountain bike shoes are too hard on the bottom, and might not provide the grip.

Thanks alot guys! I’m not too worried about grip because I’m getting these pedals. I am considering those X-ups but I might have to go with some Vans because I can find them at local stores. I don’t really want to buy shoes online because I have bad experience with online sizes.


The brain and the fingers were not cooperating. I left a word out. What I meant to say was

… Vans use standard American sizing and once you know your “skate shoe size” you can buy them online without worrying about fit.

Once you know what size Vans or Airwalks you wear it’s not too risky to buy them online. Their sizing and fit is fairly consistent.


When I ride, I use Vans Sk8-Hi. I could not find any hi-top shoes in any store, so I resorted to ordering off the internet. It took almost two months for them to arrive. I am satisfied with them and they are a little better than the converse. Here is a basic pic of the shoe. I could post some more, maybe in the gallery.

picture 17.jpg

I haven’t worn many shoes Sam, but I would say my Puma Boris Berkenstien’s or as George and my pop call them “Boris Becker’s” are good for BMX pedals. I tried Frank’s with the removable pins, and they locked in better than they do on Johns scary pedals, but since your probably gonna get John’s pedals, so I wouldn’t get any Boris Berkensteins. In fact I don’t think you can buy them anymore. They are atleast 15 years old.

Just thought I’d say so.