What shoes are best for riding? i’ve been using my adidas sambas the whole time but they are getting a litle worn down from gliding and such. What shoes work best?

what kind of riding?

I really like my vans for trials :).


I only ride with vans. Downhill, trials and flat.:slight_smile:

Anything Adidas with a flat sole is what I ride.

Vans with waffle grip are good. The only problem with the ones I had is not enough support.

Have you guys tried trials/DH/FR specific shoes with ankle support? At least with the bike trials community Northwave’s (we used to carry) and other brand is popular. Full ankle support, lighter & grippier than most skate shoes on the market.

Not to self promote here (well okay I am) Exustar trials shoes seems to be getting good reviews so check it out if you guys are wanting something better :wink: I haven’t gone back to skate shoes after wearing any trials shoes.

I love these for every kind of riding… Except Street… they are too grippy IMO… -.-’

Globe Skate shoes are the greastest :slight_smile: In my opion

For Muni and anything that doesn’t involve gliding I like these.

I’m thinkin for like street and gliding and such as that shananigans. gliding for instance.

I’m thinkin for like street and gliding and such as that shananigans.

lakai telfords are champ for street or trials mad ankle suport too

Yeah definitely skate shoes like Etnies, DC, Vans, Globes and other skate shoes. They are thick and will last for ages and they feel good when riding street/trials/flat IMO.

I don’t like Skate shoes for trial… well, I did like them before I tried FiveTen Freerider… :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone try the Vans Warner?

nike 6.0’s low or mid top are the best shoes ever for uni or muni. today i got a pair of chuck taylor converses and they arent to bad just too grippy

Oneal Rampage shoe

Good for flat/trial/muni, doesnt matter. Provides extreme grip on my pedals (MG-1) and quite stiff/good control for rolls.
I even ride freestyle with them.


Shoes? I sometimes go barefoot but when I wear shoes I wear my old running shoes.

I use vans checkerboards (ones in my profile picture). they have a diamond pattern underneath and that kinda locks in comfortably to the pins in my pedals :wink: