Hey people i was just wondering what are the best kinds/types of shoes that are used for unicycling… eg. skate boarding, runnning, boots etc…

I wear skate shoes, but converse work really well, too.

Skate shoes like DC?

I wear skate shoes. I use Vans.

I wear skate shoes, usually vans.

DC shoes.

These, and only these!

i heard of those shoes a lot from bikers. 5tens are said to have the best grip. is this also true from the point of view of a unicyclist? i saw a pair of 5tens once, but I m sceptic about the middle part of the sole. i think there is something like a tiger on it instead of those dots.

The grip is second to none and I have tried many different shoes in the past. I will never wear anything else; at least for MUni they are amazing.:smiley:

I like skate or bmx shoes. I still haven’t found a specific pair that feels good and lasts awhile.

This thread reminded me of this:

Edit: haha I just now saw Vanpaun’s post.

it depends what you’re up to: street, trials, muni, freestyle, distance?

for muni: the five-ten are great, except you have also to hike and it is wet…

street: skateshoes with a hard sole

trials: tryAll

freestyle: ???

distance: ??

I used to only use Skate Shoes but then I started to snap the soles in them, so now I ride on the 5ten lows which are just like a skateshoe but built for biking/unicycling, so they are stronger in almost every way.

The only thing they aren’t great for is flat or freestyle because they are so strong you can’t feel the cranks quite as nicely. I still use them though for a lot of freestyle stuff and I really like the grip for foot on crown stuff.

I have some Teva sneakers that I got at REI. I don’t see them on the website now. But they are very thin-soled and light. I got them thinking they would give me better feel for the pedals, which they do. Downside is that on longer bike rides, I have to move my foot around some to keep the pressure from making my toes go numb. But all in all, they’ve worked fairly well. Soles are sort of sticky. I use plastic platform pedals, not the barbwire models.

Skate shoes I’ve used: DC, Vans, Osiris, Nike SB

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I wear Adidas Sambas. They are indoor soccer shoes and they have flat soles so they grab the pedal good. They are also realy comfy and presentable looking.


lol I made a short parody that very video in my “Mammoth” video at :54, but changed it to “unis” instead of “shoes”.:stuck_out_tongue: