Shoes, Pedals, and Pins

I’ve seen quite a bit of discussion about pedals and pins and flesh
wounds. But I’m wondering why the pins need to go in the pedals (and
your shins). Wouldn’t it be better to if the pedal had a less
‘pointy’ surface and the pins (or cleats, or whatever) were on the
shoes? Has anyone tried anything like this? Just wondering.
– Hodad

well the pins in your shoes would have to fit into spots on the pedal correctly or it would be weird.

Hmmm, not if the pedal surface was semi-soft, so the cleats could “sink” into them, but you’d need to be able to get your shoes off the pedals at a moments notice, or risk injury.

Yeah it be way too complicated and what if you wanted to walk youd have to remove thepins or theyd wear down.


it would suck to be grinding a rail or something and fall really fast and not be able to run.

Or you could use less-spikey pedals and wear turf shoes or similar. That worked great for me for many years. I went to pins after I realized I wasn’t nailing my shins and calves much anymore.

Leg Armour.

I second the leg Armour but before I got that I was using “turf shoes” of sorts they were rubbery spikes on the bottom and I could easily adjust my feet and/or pull them off the pedals at a moments notice. then I got the leg Armour and use my normal shoes (which have little to no grip on my worn down plastic pedals in the rain).

Worn down plastic pedals suck. Especially in rain, snow, or any other type of moisture or precipitation. A good metal platform pedal with pins gives the best grip. I combine these with my light hiking boots so I have good support and protection as well as a good feel on the pedal.

I was going to get new pedals when I took my uni to get the wheel trued at the LBS but forgot that I only had enought to pay for the wheel being trued so I’m still stuck with worn down plastic pedals…

armour is the best option because even if your pedals didnt have pins it would still hurt if you got hit in the shin by them so I would wear my armour anyway

That is true, any pedal will hurt considerably when you ram it into your shins, however pinned pedals do a LOT more damage. It’s nearly impossible to not bleed from a pedal bite when you have metal pins.

yeah, even my plastic odysseys will draw blood if i’m not wearing my guards.

maybe you should make a prototype and see if it works or how good it is? i would still wear leg protection though so i dont believe theres a great advantage, my kh percussion armour is verry comfotable i forget i am wearing them and end up wearing them most the day :smiley:

When I first got my Nimbus Trials, I had just learnt to ride, and I was crazy about not getting any pedal bites, so I switched my CX pedals to my trials uni and didn’t need 661’s.
Big mistake.
After a while, I realized that if I wore my shin pads I would be fine with spiked pedals. They hold my feet great, and I almost never ride without my pads, so it doesn’t matter what the pedals are like.

I would definetly say pads are the way to go.

take the pain or get shin pads…